He did not play in Poland, in Stolc, Liberec is looking forward to the Champions League

“Since Kriško joins the game first in January and is waiting for us to join the Champions League, so we needed to strengthen the smear post in agreement with the coach.We have good contacts in Poland, so we’ve reached a few managers, we got some tips and Stolc came out to us as the best choice, “said the director of the Liberec club, Pavel Šimoníček, with the fact that with Polish support he concluded the contract by the end of the season.

The talented Stolc kicked off in Kędzierzyn last season, but in December he was lent for five months to another club from the top Efekt of Kielce competition.

“Before that season, I returned to Zaksy, but the team already had a complete triple jump squad, so I almost did not play, so I wanted to go elsewhere, “said Slawomir Stolc, a 198-foot tall. “I had the opportunity to engage in other leagues, but I chose Liberec.”

In the Czech Extraliga he managed to hit two matches in Dukla in Karlovy Vary and at home with Ostrava. “Meanwhile, it seems much better in training than in those two matches, but that is a perfectly normal phenomenon.The beginning of the season is everybody’s hard, “said Šimoníček. “It takes a lot of time to play with mancata because the potential is definitely big and I believe it will confirm it as soon as possible in matches.”

For Liberec’s coach Nekole, the enlargement of the smechers is important. “We did not have the chance to make any adequate substitution in the event if one of the pair did not succeed. We are already on the bench ready to make a change to help the team, “he looks forward to Michal Nekol.

For the third year, the Polish universe Adrian Patuch played successfully in Liberec’s team. “I did not know Adriana when I arrived at Dukla.For me, it’s just good that I have a Polish countryman who has been in the club for a long time, and he helps me in all the necessary organizational matters, “says Stolc, for whom it will be crucial how long it will take to practice the perfect match between him and the recorder Jakub Janouch. “I think it looks good and we will soon find common ground on the pitch, because Cuba is a Czech representative and a very good and experienced recorder.”

Liberec volleyball players who defend the titles of the last two years are currently in the extralize surprisingly up to eighth with a balance of four wins and four defeats. “The beginning of the season was complicated for Dukla and it did not come out very much, but I believe that we will get out of the tough situation as soon as possible, everything will return to normal and we will be in the table above.But the main one will of course be a play-off, that’s another competition, “says Stolc.

Men’s volleyball in Poland is currently on the rise. The two-year-olds became world champions two years ago, the European Championship will take place next year, and three Polish clubs will start in the core groups of this year’s Champions League. That is why volleyball is very popular and the domestic competition is very popular with fans who fill the big halls. This is a lot less in the Czech Republic for extralig fans.

“This is how the atmosphere of the Polish league is always great, but the viewers in Liberec surprised me very pleasantly.The Champions League qualifier was a full hall, many of them went to the extralig with Ostrava and greatly waved throughout the game. That’s why I’m looking forward to another match and especially to those in the play-off. ”

Volleyball players Libce expect the first match in the basic group of the Champions League next Thursday, and Sławomir Stolc is already registered. “I look forward to seeing the best players in the world.”

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