Orders do not change. Sáblíková has a winning hat-trick, winning three in Astana

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After a three-week mission in China and Japan, Martin Sáblíková flew to Collalba for a few days before returning to the east, this time to Kazakhstan. “I do not know who invented it,” coach Petr Novák said.

The two biggest Dutch stars – Ireen Wüst and Sven Kramer – did not come to Astany.

Sáblíková was in a half-empty eight-month hall, holding a track record of three and five kilometers, p> The Czech has re-introduced only in the last, eighth race. Again, next to her, she was a speed skater from the Netherlands and again with another name.After Wüst and Joling this time Sáblíková played against Antoinette de Jongová.

The twenty-one-year-old Dutchman held the Czech speed skater only in the first three rounds, then began to lose visibly. Twenty-nine-year-old Czech had spent the race in solitude, she had to go with the great time of Russian Jurakov.

In the middle of the race, both speeds were the same as the last two decided. Sáblíková Rusce finally stood for 94 tenths of a second. Miho Takagi, who lost 2 seconds and 78 hundredths, takes third place.

His triple Olympic winner has already 46.

Great Jurakova, better Sáblíková

< p> From the initial races, the speed skaters were dragging the fastest time of the day. The leadership was replaced by Annouk van der Weijden, Isabelle Weidenn and Miho Takagi, who first came under four minutes and six seconds.

Twenty-one-year-old Japanese woman, despite the loud encouragement of a German coach, did not overcome former world record maker Claudia Pechstein.

The last four women were left in the penultimate race. Charbina – Marija Jolingová.However, the Dutch speed skater had to bow to Anna Jurakova this time.

42-year-old Russia continues to rise in the World Cup order. Charbon was eighth, in Nagano third and Astana was awesome – she improved her personal maximum and set the new fastest time of the day.

Does Sáblíková answer it?

ten-time winner of the World Cup on Long Lines, has complained of the difficulty of losing weight. “It will matter a lot to start the first two, then it’s better. I would like to get to the podium, “she wrote on her website. “Martina would need to go to the spa or the sea.Rehabilitating because the fatigue is a little bit more familiar, “said Novák coach again.

But she did not know about the race, the two-speed ran for 20.41, twelve hundreds faster than Russia. the first two rounds with Sáblíková held in the second runway Antoinette de Jong, but then began to lose. Instead, the Czech Republic kept times under 32 seconds. But Jurakov did likewise like great bikes.

“Come on, please,” he called out to his messenger, Novak.

When the last two decided.While Russia slowed down and went for 32.9, the Czech speed skater managed the penultimate four-hundreds of seven hundreds faster, the last one by three hundred, and the third time this season with coach Novák could slam.

Performance 4:02 , 90 has furthermore improved its own 2011 track record.

Zdráhalová has improved its personal record

p> Three hours earlier, Nikola Zdráhalová was introduced to the B-Division at 3,000 meters. Czech speed-racing talent slowly rises in the result order.In Nagan, the twenty-year-old speed-upgrader has upgraded the personal maximum in the World Cup on this track with the tenth place. And in Astana he moved it again.

Zdrahalova started at tenth of fourteen races and went great . With 4: 10.55, she has improved her personal maximum by 2 seconds by a three-kilometer track and fifth in the World Cup. It is the third time that the former hockey player has been on the Olympic track in the World cup on points.And for the first time she has picked up more than five.

Karolina Erbanová has already been successful in this year’s World Cup season. Thirty-five-year-old speed skater, which specializes in short tracks, was introduced to Astana in a 500-meter race.

Right in the first of ten races, a decent time of 38.39. She eventually took her to the 11th place for which she scored the first 24 cups.

The third race for five kilometers was taken by Sebastian Druskiewicz in the second division. The Polish native was close to the first points this season, but scored fourteenth instead of 59 points.