We needed such a win, said Zlin Honeyszek after fighting with Vary

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“We needed such a win,” Antonin Honeyszek, who shot Roberts Bukarts to the decisive blow, breathed out.

New Zlín coaches Robert Svoboda and Martin Hamrlík paid off the move they made. They folded the composition of the individual formations. For example, Bukarts fell from the first line to the third, with Honeyszek and Kubiš playing with him.

“Buky did not think he was in the third row, but from the first practice he sat down,” he praised Hamrlík. The coaches gave players a choice of who they want to play with. “We were not strict, we asked them who the pair would sit for.Buky and Holas (Petr Holík) did not work very much lately, so we split them up, “Hamrlík explained.

The fact that Honeyszek was in the middle of the third league was a bit less shocked for the fans. Especially when he did not play in the last round for performance reasons. But the striker himself shone with enthusiasm.

“I have always played centers. Only here with Čaja (Petr Čajánek) and on my trips I played the right, “Honejsek pointed out. “I enjoyed it at the center, I enjoyed it very much.”

All three members of the assault team took care of the victory. Kubiš won the puck with an excellent force, Honejsek pushed him to the ending Bukarts.

“Our role played a big role.We train a lot, “Honeyszek reminded. “I’m just sorry we did not give more goals. We had a chance. ”

The win over Karlovy Vary is also a premiere success for the new coach. After two outdoor defeats, they have succeeded in their home premiere.

“I was relieved mainly by the boys. After eight games they could play the radio, go home, and hopefully get some sleep, “Hamrlik reminded herself that Vera Spinarova’s song was again played on the Mars in the cabin, which, in recent years, sounds after every win.

“We won the match. That’s how we imagine it. “If the winning return returns to the cabin and the necessary self-confidence, the hockey players can show up tomorrow, when Zlín welcomes the comet in the derby.Cash desks will be open from 12.30, due to the coming match of Mikuláš, they will visit the devil. All small visitors will receive a gift.