Less beauty, more shots. The comet plans to return to the winning wave

But now it looks as if the Brňané have gone. In the last three weeks, their production has halved and along with the “hungry” times, we have begun to breed until then the almost unknown defeat.

“Of course, the teams have read and probably know more about us. We have to cope with this and play our game, “says Brno defender Michal Gulaši.

There was no need for rocket engineering to make the rivals come to see how blue-white to get the most out of life. Pardubice was the best performer, who was not ashamed of classical “concrete” in Brno and took away the win. “But it has been since the first round.When comrades heard the Comet, they prepared for 120 percent, “one of the coaches Kamil Pokorny rejects the thesis of the breakdown in Brno. “We’ve been making our chances all the time, just a little bit in the end.”

That’s why the comet lost five of the last seven games, while it was only four times lost in the opening eighteen games. “From the start we went from winning to winning, now it’s a little more complicated. But we have to confront it, “reports Gulaši.

The result is noticeable, but in Brno they are far from falling into panic.

First, he is proud of one of the most well- extralize. “The team is skilled to advise,” Gulas knows. The second comforting factor is that the comet still has a high standard.When he / she loses, he / she is (with one exception) always only goal, often in the settings. “Of course we lost some points but our opponents did not play,” Pokorny says. “There is a power of power and I believe we will return to the shooting wave.”

In one respect, however, the current dry spot is alarming. It seems that the flawless blue-and-white machine, which has so far been a flawless one, has faded out a single, even exclusive, component. Comradeship is associated with the injury of an attacking ace Martin Erat, who is missing more than he was willing to admit in Brno. “It looks like that,” Pokorny admits. “Matches are decided by the difference players who are the rest of them.Just like Ondřej Němec, “the coach also adds a name to the injured defender as well.

Erat’s absence obviously hurts more. While the comet was crushed by his opponent in the power play and the spectators and the amateurs marvel at his pieces with the magician Mark Kvapil, now the goals are difficult to make. “It also results from self-confidence. One suddenly starts to look for passes into the empty gate, and then he shoots at once. We have to make it simpler, so there will be chances and there will be more goals than when we play it for beauty, “says Gulasi. “With less combinations and more shots, that’s how it works.”

As a patch for Marody, the Comet brought the Slovak striker Michel Miklik, who had not yet been able to score. “It is obvious that he has the potential, but his transition was very fast.I believe he will be successful and his performance will go up, “says Pokorny. At the same time, Erata returns to the Germans who have been training yesterday. Will he go to play today in Olomouc or on Sunday in Zlín? “I will not comment on the report. Let your opponent drop, “Pokorny says.