Hokej Chomutov is again riding. Instead of the calm of the cowboy

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Friday’s 5: 4 win after a crazy run reminded of recent home strikes with Sparta, Olomouc and Třinec, where at least nine goals were scored.

“I say cowboys, we are afraid to the last moment points and result, “the striker Ivan Huml blurted. One of the heroes of the evening, the two-pointer David Kämpf, grinned: “If we get few goals, unfortunately we will not. We will probably have to play wild games all the season. ”

In the last four rounds, Chomutov only scored four goals, none in Brno and Liberec. He had fun again and he was lying to his fans in a crazy way. At 59:20 he turned away Koblasa’s defeat, Kämpf stopping.The pirates lost 2: 3 and 3: 4.

“The process was not good for us, we did not manage the key moments of the match. Four seconds before the end of the first third is bulls and we still get a goal, “Huml said, equalizing 1: 1 second (!) Before the siren. “Then we turn to 2: 1 and we immediately charge for another 2: 2.” These treffs split only 30 seconds. “We’re going to make it 3: 3 and they’ll be 3: 4 soon. We have to be happy for two points. ”

Almost four thousand fans were reeling when the video did not recognize the goal of the Vondra, the blade tapped into the stick. The shot on the cube was misleading. “Optical illusion.When the puck bounces off the pole, the goal line can not be crossed, “he agreed with the Huml referees. He already has 13 goals and has been shot in the forefront of the entire extraliga, Kämpf is in the hurdle with 12 hits. “I do not look at this much, I do not consider myself a big shooter. The goals are spread over all three, not racing. Each of our lines can decide, “he likes Humble; less distinct balances at home and outside. On his ice 30 points, on a foreigner just 10. “At home, we also have the goal thanks to the support of our fans, he would like to bring this productivity and the fight to finally out and out,” an experienced striker asks.

The slums are probably due to broken ribs, they are in the home table behind Brno.Thanks to super-brothers too. “We have a character, we are struggling to the last moment, that’s our big leap. But it happens too often that we have to turn the games at the last minute. We are so glad that we have such strength in the team, but it would be nice to win sometimes, “Humm wants to.

Chomutov is seventh, his North Bohemian rival Litvínov again third – after winning 3: 2 in Pardubice jumped Komet. Verva quickly led thanks to Hořava after goal Kacetl after the start behind the goal failed to come back. Klimenta was comparative, but the conclusion was for the guests. From his brother, Robin Hanzl took a pass from behind the goal and hung up promptly, with Luke’s power play.The home just corrected 12 seconds before the end.

Tomorrow from 3:30 pm Pirates will start in Karlovy Vary, Litvinov from 5 o’clock on the ice of Olomouc.