Will Ronaldinho be playing for Chapecoense? I’m ready to help, he said

Ronaldinho has not officially finished his career, and in September he said he would like to play another season. But at that time he had been without engagement for more than a year, and had not been able to find a new team since he left Fluminense. Everything was going to end.

But the crash of a plane on which a total of 71 people died, made him a solidarity gesture.

“Now we are all experiencing difficult times.But if he’s interested in the time, we can talk about it, “said his brother Roberto, who is also his agent, as a curly midfielder. “I can only confirm that he is ready and he wants to help.” But he also tried to ease the expectations of fans who immediately started to discuss the arrival of a former Barcelona star on social networks.

“He would definitely help, he could be right for them. But now, the main focus is to help the families of the victims. It would not be right to create some great expectations, “Roberto said in an interview for Globo Esporte. “As a Brazilian, it struck us.We feel sympathetic to all the disaster. “According to South American media, Ronaldinho also offered help to Argentine Juan Román Riquelme, the former star of Villarreal or Bocy Juniors. He ended his career in 2014.

And the wave of solidarity is different.For example, Edinson Cavani, Uruguayan striker Paris Saint-Germain, scored a goal against Angers by removing a jersey with a Brazilian club logo and a word “fuerza,” which means “force”. > It has been said earlier that Cristiano Ronaldo is planning to spend three million euros on the survivors.

And the Atlético Nacional, the Colombian team with whom Chapecoense should play in the Copa Sudamericana Cup final, is in favor of making the cup a symbol of the Brazilian rival.

on Wednesday night, that is, at the time of the final, to fill up their last forty-five thousand stadium and honor the memory of the deceased.Thousands of other people set out on the streets.

A plane with twenty-one footballers Chapecoens and other club members and journalists crashed Tuesday near Colombian Medellin, where the Atlético Nacional resides. Seven seventy people on board reportedly survived six, including three footballers. Defender Alan Ruschel and goalie Jackson Follman, whose doctors had to amputate their legs, remain in critical condition.

Well, Neto is well recovering, his father even believes in his son’s return to his gaming career. Neto has undergone lung, knee, wrist and head surgery, and his condition is stably stable.

“My son is getting better and better.He just underwent a foot surgery and doctors say he will return to football, “Net’s father Helam wrote on facebook. “But we must continue praying because we still need him to be released from the hospital and be able to look closely at him,” he added, with the latest doctors’ reports giving the family new hope and faith.

footballers are still in the intensive care unit, as well as journalist Rafael Henzel, who suffered rib fractures and partial collapse of the lung. The best of the crash were two members of the flight crew, steward Ximena Suarez and technician Erwin Tumiri. They call their physicians as good.