Sparta is going to give it up hard, says Krob, the warm-hearted defender

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“I do not want to say that Sparta is now weak, it’s still the best club in our country. But I do not know when to give it away harder than at the end of the autumn, when he has a lot of heavy matches, a marod. We will try to exploit it, “the club defender Jan Krob, who just started his career at Letná, called on the club website. “Sparta matches are still with us. The whole cab is looking forward to it. We will hope to confirm our result form here. We would like to do something on Sparta! ”

The Teplice have a form at 1.the league won the last two matches and did not score a goal. “The league started with three zeros in the line, now it would be great to finish it with three zeros,” says the warm-man goalkeeper Tomas Grigar.

Courage to the glassmakers gives their superb outdoor balance, 22 possible. And also the state of the leftist cadre. Sparta is injured by Rosicky, Frydek, Vacha, Šurala, Čermák, Sáček, Václav Kadlec and Zahustela. In addition, Bořek Dočkal, who has failed to apply for the remission of the three-match distance, remains probably the biggest defender.

“I am glad that Bořek Dočkal’s rivals will be missing. It’s their best player! “Says Grigar.And how can Teplice succeed in Sparta? “It will be important not to be under pressure. We do not have to get the first goal, on the contrary we have to be active, “says the warm-eyed goalman.

The glassmakers have met Sparta this year, at the beginning of the season the battle on Stínadle ended without a goal. Meanwhile, the last heat win at Summer 2010 (2: 0) only remembers the keeper of the yellow-yellow only goalkeeper Grigar and defender Vondrášek who, six years ago, took up the role of striker in Prague.

“We know that Teplice playing good football, being in peace, we do not expect them to come to Sparta under any stress. It will be a holiday for them, they will want to show off. But I firmly believe that we can handle the game and the result, “Zdenek Svoboda, a Spartan coach, did not doubt the club site.And the midfielder Lukáš Mareček said: “We want to end the winning half-season, we can not afford any loss!”

The Duel starts at 15 o’clock at O2 TV. The first 1,893 fans who bring a plush toy charity get two free tickets.