By train, take the bus back. Pilsen goes to Karvina for the twelfth prize

Meanwhile, it seems that in Plzen they have decided to scrape the top-level competition with a start-end system. After defeating the four goals of Dukla in the first round, they did not let anyone in front of each other. And they are also a favorite before the opening ceremony of the 12th round in Karvina.

“It’s a very important match for both teams. For Karvina, its momentum point gain is not entirely optimal, but it is very dangerous at home. He can do very good results, “says Pavel Vrba, coach of Pilsen.

He watched the last Pilsen match in Karvina last spring, without engagement.The players lost twice, but also thanks to Austria’s Ivanschitz ‘first prize in the Czech league, the game turned and the points scored for a 3: 2 victory.

“I did not play, but I saw the match and it was not a simple game for the boys. It is important that we get ready, “the club website quoted Radim Řezník as defender.

And Tomas Hořava, who gave Karviná in two matches two goals, agrees. “It would be great if it came out even now. But, of course, we realize that we are waiting for our opponent, who is especially able to torture even more rivals at home. ”

Pilsen, Karvina, is about to depart for a train of about five hundred kilometers, returning by bus. “I have not played in Karviná yet, at most in Ostrava.But we also traveled from Prague to Ostrava by train and it was very nice, comfortable, “says Plzeň coach Vrba. His team has an 11-point lead in the table ahead of the second Slavi.

The Karvins, who are competing against the last year’s league season, want to plunge Pilsen. “If you want to succeed against such a team, you have to perform above-standard. I believe we will, “says coach Jozef Weber, despite the fact that his team defeated only last Jihlava and Brno last but one. From a downward position, he divides a point.

In addition, Karvina is waiting for a goal in 304 minutes. “Still, I think they are stronger in offensive than defensive.They have dangerous standard situations, interesting and quick players in the attack, “adds Vrba.

The excavation in Karvina is scheduled for Friday 20.15.