About killing bulls, an epidemic in the north and a new Kloppa

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Drama before kick-off, hectic ends, turn-bys in the settings, records and another change on the coaching post. Again in the north of Germany. All this brought the 5th Bundesliga round, which is seen by the commentator of the Czech version of Eurosport Václav Procházka.

Let’s start in Cologne. It almost did not seem to play. Domestic fans did not want the stadium to leave the bus of Leipzig. Many so hated. It’s almost folklore. There are also banners for killing a bull, an animal that has Leipzig in the log.

It’s not just a newcomer to the competition with its uncovered wealth light. “But that fans should be banned from stadiums,” spurred one of the bosses Leipzig Oliver Mintzlaff Union to vigorously intervened against proponents of tough challenges.The apology of the Cologne officers apparently did not satisfy him.

It was more relaxed on the pitch, especially in the second half. Almost bored. The 1: 1 status of the first part of the game has not changed. Teams led by former teammates from Austria and the Austrian peasant Peter Stöger and Ralph Hassenhüttle showed the strength of their defenses. And they are unbeaten as well as Bayern and…Hoffenheim. After four draws, he won the Schalke winnings, which he continued to change. Five defeats at the start of the league mean a historic black entry into club history.

Markus Weinzierl was still in the coaching position at the time of these rows…But everyone is whining to the Miners.Maybe even World Champion Kevin Grosskreutz, once a Dortmund player, hence the enemy of Schalke, has provocatively placed a table with a highlighted last place on his profile. But he probably should not mock, alone in the last season, he experienced a crazy fall with Stuttgart. But what’s going on with Schalke? The team with no character, lethargy, name the German media the condition that the team charged with aces to today’s marasm. Schalke continues to rewrite his historical negative records.

Bremen has stopped doing so. Wolfsburg took a breathtaking finish and caught the first win of the season. Lennart Thy had a battle with Wolfsburg in the 85th minute, Theo Gebre Selassie finished his turn to set.There was a powerful Bremen explosion of joy, in which the Czech shooter nearly wounded. “I really do not know what happened to me after the goal,” Gebre Selassie did not seize that he was euphoric with fans and teammates. He got into a collision with the billboards, but he did well.

The German media also notes that the new Jürgen Klopp has joined the Bundesliga, in the person of Alexandr Nouri, the current coach of Bremen. His celebrations at the first prize he watched from the bench remarkably resembled the joyous gesture of the renowned Exdortmund coach.

With the last Bremen he might have paradoxically had something to do with Bayern in this round. He also left the decision until the very end of the battle.In Hamburg, however, it was eventually confirmed that Munich discovered a new cannon. Again Joshua Kimmich hit. He made the fifth goal in the last five games in which he joined Bayern or the German Nation. Hamburg defended for a long time, it seemed that Bruno Labbadia could defend his coaching position. But everything collapsed. Bayern finally opened the way to another record.

Yes. Bayern, whose sovereignty in recent seasons was truly exceptional, overcame historical highs. It’s still going on. Inconspicuous Carlo Ancelotti added with his creditors the eighth prize in the match at the beginning of the season in a row, and improved the maximum set in the previous round.

In the south, the welfare of the point machine works.In the north it is a misery and a personal earthquake. After the Bremen (Nouri for Viktor Skripnik already after the 3rd round) they also reached the coaching at HSV. Labbadiu was already replacing Markus Gisdol.

That there would be a kind of territorial epidemic of failures and coaching early? The closest is Wolfsburg now…Even his start of the season is not great. It does not look like Bayern’s pursuit of Bayern. But Dortmund did not jerk before the hard battle with Real and was the second. And encouragement can also be found in the new record. He has not been playing forty-one in a row at home.