These are strong words, but we certainly play the title, Barak said

The winning series of five winning matches was reflected in today’s convincing 4: 1 win in Brno and on the increased confidence of Slavie players. Shot the first two goal stitches Antonín Barák after the game said out loud the goal of the Prague, which is the game and the title. Coach Jaroslav Shilhavy, led […]

Olomouc, the point is not enough. We miss more space, coach Jílek says

The Sigma can not deny effort and taste, but Karvina has been keeping a good watch for its territory, and for the first time between three sticks, Zahradníček fired at the last minute of the first half. “There is still the pain in the pre-final and final stage, where we were holding the balloons and […]

Comedy winning mode. Is there a new hegemon in extraleague play off?

The comet as the first extraliga team celebrates the semifinals. Clearly. The shortest possible time. And suddenly, a group from Brno, like last year, ranks among the main candidates for the title. Why? Because the Comet has gone to the master mode. Playoff boasts breathtaking balances that will be respected in balanced competition. She has […]

Zlín volleyball players can improve the impression in the playoff front

“We wanted to finish in sixth place to go straight into the quarterfinals,” said Captain Michal Cechmanek that the team did not meet its preconditions. The sixth position missed Zlín’s 13 points. And if the volleyball extraliga did not rank as a hockey player in the play-off format of the pre-round, Zlín should not have […]

There is a quarter-finals: Vítkovice will challenge the master, Třinec will check Pardubice

At 17.20, the Tuesday match between Třinec and Pardubice will start. Ten minutes later, Vítkovice and Brno will go to battle. Pardubice a team of sports manager and assistant coach Pavel Marek, coach Miloš Holana and Josef Hrabal, Mark Trončinský and Rostislav Maroš. They all worked in Třinec. On the contrary, coach Marek Zadin, assistant […]

Two best teams to start? Jihlava’s manager Jinoch is excited

“I’m excited about this, I think nothing better could have happened to us,” says Josef Jinoch, the sports manager of the Jihlava team, surprisingly. “I believe we will be able to bite both of these big clubs. And I firmly hope that we will take some points out of these two games. Both at home […]

Brabec o Drchalovi: He may be the killer Sparta will need

He’s only eighteen years old. The youngest member of the team must, after matches and training, help the garrison to collect balloons or take things. But that does not matter. Václav Drchal, who came from České Budějovice, managed to enter the A-team of the Czech football giant. The talented striker has already put a hat-trick […]

How the Czech monster stopped the monster. I cried here madly, she admitted

If you were registering two ladies with crutches at the bronze celebrations, it was really her colleague. In addition to Hopjak, Kateřina Louthanová, who had broken the ligaments on her ankle on Tuesday, and the olympics finished before it really started. Vinik is the same: the track at Phoenix Snow Park. It’s hard, even worse. […]