Zohorna’s KHL fired in the new year, Novosibirsk scored two goals

Zohorna scored in the third consecutive game, with five goals and two assists in the last five games.Amur after defeating the previous four victories came to defeat in 2018 and in eighth place the Eastern Conference has now just one point more than Novosibirsk, but also two matches for good. This time Zohorna opened the score in the sixth minute of the power play, but the guests eliminated Jan Kolar soon. Six minutes before the end of the match, Zohorna’s tenth goal in the season again sent home to lead, but this only took 39 seconds this time.

The Czech striker, like his four teammates, was not able to overcome Alexey Krasikov, who won the title in front of Alexander Salak, and Novosibirsk scored fourth in a row.

Pavel Francouz Cheljabinsk kept a clean account for more than 53 minutes, but then he collected twice and the match with Dynamo Moscow decided the raids in which the home tractor lost.Jakub Kovar from Yekaterinburg stopped 40 shots, but Jaroslavle received five goals and his team also failed in raids. Yet he leads the Eastern Conference. Omsk won 4: 0 in China over Kunlun. In the Avangard, Oleg Šilin was given priority over Dominik Furch and for the third time in the season he did not score. Of the seven home teams he managed to win only one, CSKA Moscow decided to wrestle with Jokerite Helsinki in the lead.

Chabarovsk – Novosibirsk 2: 3 after Sam. races (for home T. Zohorna 2 + 0)
Cheljabinsk – Dynamo Moscow 2: 3 after sam. strikes
Kunlun – Omsk 0: 4
Ekaterinburg – Jaroslavl 5: 6 after sam.
Magnitogorsk – Dinamo Minsk 1: 2