These are strong words, but we certainly play the title, Barak said

The winning series of five winning matches was reflected in today’s convincing 4: 1 win in Brno and on the increased confidence of Slavie players. Shot the first two goal stitches Antonín Barák after the game said out loud the goal of the Prague, which is the game and the title. Coach Jaroslav Shilhavy, led by Slavia, has raised his temper, Barack’s courageous words have mitigated.

“Tonda is a positive guy with a great football talent and he says what he thinks. “

Twenty-one-year-old Barak described the feelings resulting from the present results and Slavie’s play expressionlessly. “I myself would want the title badly.These are powerful words because it can play between five and six teams. But why worry and not try it. We have a form. And when we keep it, we have a chance, “said Barak.

” Today, I felt the desire to win. We did, we believed each other. That was the basis for success, “said Barak, but he is aware that the season will be long. ” When the conclusion shows how we are. It will be about the heads. Slavia has not played for the longest time for a long time. But we have a skilled footballer and we want to be up there too, “said Slavie midfielder.

His opponent, after the coaching of Slavia, plays with precision, when its dominance was unambiguous. “We’re still playing in a similar set.Mostly, only one post changes. We cooperated well, “says Barak.”

Before the match, coach Šilhavý has replaced in the basic set only Mingazov behind Šventa. “We have helped us a lot today (Švento). He is experienced, the game has added calm, has a great left leg and an accurate pass. After his center, he also scored the first goal, “Barak said. He was in a hat-trick in Brno, but Melicharka’s goalkeepers were in the first half, but his shot was only kicked out at home by Luton. >