The birth of Czech biathlon bronze. He testified also the “Russian doping car”

The outbreak of massive state-controlled doping in Russia broke out two years ago. At that time, a Canadian sports attorney and a member of the International Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Richard McLaren, published reports detailing the practices of Russian doping. McLaren and his team reported on urine swatches at the Sochi Winter Olympics. It was then that everything in Moscow was allegedly directed by Grigorij Rodchenko. After the first charge, he fled from Russia to the United States.

Rodchenko overseas immediately provided all the information on Russian doping.The film Icarus directed by Bryan Fogel was born in January this year.

And the International Olympic Committee is backing his records and testimonies in November.

“The Disciplinary Commission came to an end , that regardless of the motivation and any mistakes Dr. Rodčenko has done in the past, he has told the truth and provided an explanation for the cover regime, “says the official statement of the Swiss-led investigating committee, Denis Oswald.

McLaren’s reports, which the Disciplinary Committee regards as “a very significant and extremely strong evidence.”

They also involved exchanges of samples of protected Russian athletes, particularly those on a pre-selected list, “the commission said. “This evidence was not based on Dr. Rodcenko’s testimony.”

The doping car, as Rodchenko is often referred to, has brought important testimonies throughout the case. Yet his testimonies did not become a crucial decision, but a mere confirmation by independent investigative commissions.

19 Russian athletes have been removed from the scoresheets of Sochi. Most recently, the members of the silver Russian Relay Biathlete Jana Romanovova and Olga Viluchinová.

Medal I do not return!

The Czech Quartet Eva Puskarcikova, Gabriela Koukalová, Jitka Landová and Veronika Vítková have improved the third place in the women’s rehearsal list.

“If we do not expect a fair solution, I’d rather throw the medal at the junkyard than return it to the International Olympic “In the practice, medals athletes will always take the Olympic Movement of the respective country at the initiative of the International Olympic Committee.

“What is a fool?Friends, you still have not understood that a terrible machine is working here, who massively takes medals! “Wrote Viluchin in an instagram. “My medals are clean. Hundreds of samples I handed over for fifteen years were all negative. And yet I was disqualified. We are punished for pure specimens. I will fight to the end, “she added.

The Czech Olympic Committee has already announced that it is ready for the medalists to pay a reward according to the then rules of CZK 900,000. Everything must still be confirmed by an official letter from the International Olympic Committee.

“In addition to the letter from the IOC, we must wait for the medal, of course, because they have to return the Norwegians and they will not do it until they have the silver from Rusek.So it will last, “said Martin Doktor, sports director of the WWTP.

Just over a week, the International Olympic Committee will decide on the participation of the Russian team at the Olympics. Increasingly, speculation over a flat ban on the start of the Russian team at the February Games in Pchjongchang, South Korea, is mounting.