Pilsen succumbed to Kometa in the raids, Sparta defeated Zlín. Chomutov fell

Also thanks to the second shot of Romana Vlach, Třinec nad Pirát was 4: 0. Chomutov managed to reduce, but the loss of the coach of Vladimír Růžička did not manage to erase.

The Zlin double-barrel lead Zartra managed to catch up, but the Spaniards shuffled and still struggled to win. Two goals were scored by defender Zbyněk Michálek.

The leader from Plzeň compared the last minute in Brno, and the victory of the Comet eventually decided Alexander Mallet’s raid. Tearing Pilsen continues, but another eight-point pillow is sure of it before the second Hrad.

Jihlava finally won the last round, but after the 0: 2 loss with Liberec did not bother. The last but one lost to Litvínov for the third time in a row, home to Pardubice 1: 2.The second place was conquered by Hradec Králové with Vítkovice, Východočesi won 4: 0 clearly. The net account was scored by Patrik Rybár. Olomouc lost twice in a row, winning 4: 2 over Mladá Boleslav could mean a return to the winning wave.

The Pirates won in the previous four matches, but the match in Třinec did not work out. Třinec’s predominance at first did not fall on fertile soil. Shooting infiltration broke out at the end of the first third of Roman Vlach, who set the goalkeepers Luke with a bekhendem and hung comfortably. The goal from Olomouc was the second time at the beginning of the second period, after Marcinka and Adamski led the home 4: 0.

Růžičkových boys managed to reduce when Mrázkov’s pass from behind the goal tricked behind Hrubce free Šťovíček.Dietz shouted another spark of hope as he offered the Koblasa a shot from the ring. However, the steelmen managed to keep the reel away from their own goal and kept the two-goal lead.

The hockey traveler Tomáš Svoboda did not meet in Brno with a shot in the pardubický jersey but started stylishly – the goal punished the elimination of Havlíček, Captain Rolin nodded. Domestically, however, he did not finish the answer, after 35 seconds he slammed into the Helt puck and blew the unsuspecting Kacel from the blue line.

Pardubický Svoboda also found himself in other promising chances, but this time he was not effective.However, the East Bohemians were back in the lead, in the power play they used the width of the pitch to the cuckoo, at the end of which Rolinek was exactly aiming from the boundary of the goal area. Dynamo was able to raise Poulicek, but Kantor read his goals. The home was in vain at the end of the duel, so three points travel to Pardubice. Litvinov lost the fifth place in the home game.

The Prague players in the last game managed the lead over Třinec and in Zlín they wanted to avoid the same hint of arc. Sparta took advantage of the third offered power, at the beginning of the second part sent a bomb from the blue line Michalek.The goal of Sparta grew after Pech was overtaken by a puck defeating Zlín Beky and his attempt to clear his attempt to form the Forman network. Behind the Berans, however, he quickly lowered Okál, who confirmed his shooting saliva with the gunshot of Honeys. The home team even settled, but on Bukartse’s shot but soon answered Michalek’s second goal. The final score was formed by Pech when he knocked on the Freibergs’ puff and was not mistaken in the leak. Sparta has won the last five games for the fourth time.

She won the end of a series of defeats with the win over Litvinov in the previous round, but she did not add another triumph against Liberec.The terrible start was made by home-made Pyrochta when after 25 seconds the game opened a score from a ring break. On both sides, the audience had to wait for the end of the second period.

A reel hunt again the Jihlava Vejmelka, who cashed after Derner’s penetration from the left cushion. Jihlava’s game play improves, the net account, but the home keeper of the Liberty goalkeeper Will did not dissuade.

The opening Olomouc pressure did not bring goals. In the seventh minute, however, Hanania’s opponents crippled with two shots in rapid succession as the Strapac and Herman fired violently.Boleslav, however, soon dropped, Bernad’s faulty home game was read by Bernad and handed the puck to the exact goal of Zejdl.

The Olomouc “sheet-arsenal” froze the equalizer in the Orsava power play when he was able to pass the reel behind Konrad. Still in the second part, but the home was compared, Burian went out from behind the goal between three Boleslav players and pushed the puck under the surprised Maxwell. With a tight lead, Eberle showed a fair player when he dismissed the exclusion of the Bolshevik Žejda for allegedly thrashing. Klepiš could have compared him, but Konrad was miraculously knocked out, and then they hit the empty goal and the first goal behind Olomouc was given by Irgl.The home winters have won the last of the last eight games.

The Vítkovice scattered on the scalp of the leader from Pilsen, but Hradec gave the Ostravans a hard field. Numerous power games did not make use of any of the opponents in the first third, the first goal of joy came in the second act. Šimánek’s shot from blue came after Bartosak Pavlik, a minute later the home leadership was increased by the inconspicuous flowing Smoleňák.

The tough moment caused the third goal in the Vítkovice network when the inaccurate shot Koukala bounced from the backscreen directly to Bartošák, puck after confusion of defenders found themselves behind the goal line.The great Hradec Evening confirmed the second game in Smoleňák. The clean account was scored by the home keeper Patrik Rybár, Hradec replaced his opponent in second place in the table.

The result only confirmed the form of both opponents from the last matches. While Kometa has a phason, the leader’s lead from Pilsen is thinner with each defeat. But it was guests who came to the streets after Poura. The Brnans settled in the second third when the firing shooter Malec endured a blue shot.

The turn came after Krejcik’s back, in which the stick put the stick at the last moment, Hynek Zohorna and got a reel for Freedom. The slender line stayed in the home for 59 minutes, when Gulas’s shot reached behind Cilia Stach.The match ended in separate raids, Mallet changed the penalty.