Olympic shorttrack only with Sejpal, Novotna’s fifth game escaped

Speed ​​skaters and speed skaters struggled in short-circuits to participate in the Olympics in the opening four parts of the World Cup in Budapest, Dordrecht, Shanghai and Seoul in the Netherlands.

Sejpalova qualified on the 1,500 meter course where she was the only Czech she entered 32 progressive, no one succeeded on the other tracks. The International Skating Union should officially confirm its start on December 10.

Sejpal has helped the Olympic start in Pyongyang, especially the result from Shanghai, where she managed to advance to the semifinals.So far the biggest achievement of the coach of Jarmila Hrůza is the sixth place of the 1,500 meters race at the World Championship last year, when she was the first Czech in history to compete in the final race.

The most successful Czech representative in the history of Novotná will be five circles missing. “On the one hand, it’s a disappointment, on the other hand a little relief. I figured that something like that could happen. It would be nice to imagine there, but the world will not go away, “said Novotna, who plans to end her career after the season and wants to train.

“After the first two worlds in Europe it looked quite positive, I was about twenty-five.Unfortunately, the Asian worlds did not get very well, “regretted Novotna, who was feeling well in the second half of the qualification. “And in the end, I did not wish luck. In the last race at patnáctistovce knocked me Polka, which is then diskli and sent me on. ”

The fourth part of the SP ended in Seoul on Sunday after several hours Novotna was already the end of the Olympic chances of reconciliation. “The first emotions are always stronger when one realizes he tried something and did not work out. It hurts, and people are sorry.But after a while it goes and you realize a different context. ”

Participants Olympics in Salt Lake City, Turin, Vancouver and Sochi now complete season should start on the European and world championships. “I’m just leaving the Olympics, instead of three races. I would like to finish the season and then finish my career, “said Novotna, whose best Olympic result is the sixth place in Turin 2006 at 500 meters.