Hockey players in Olomouc experienced a hangover from a dozen after a duel in Pilsen

The Olomouc hockey players feel embarrassed. Critics have heard and will still hear. Just like jokes from across the Republic to your address. So a little consolation:
Humiliating the cock, do not worry about the explosion unnecessarily long, last year it was experienced by the most famous club in the world – Montreal suffered in the NHL unique debakl 0:10 in Columbus. The same happened on Tuesday at the “Sea” in Plzeň…

The unfortunate Branislav Konrad at 52:33 collected the ninth. Only then did the coaches over him have mercy on him and allowed him to be replaced. But as soon as his substitute, Jiří Matoušek, took a seat in the cage, he had to back in the back. He had black pants like Pilsen.It also documents how Olomouc was unprepared, neglected, in vain.

Konrad, considered one of the best goalkeepers in the extrali, got the tenth goal. A jerked day.

The Slovakian representative has entered the match. A poor puff stopped behind the goal and he headed in front of the goalpost. The first missile, Strake, stopped in the fall, but Mertl fired comfortably into the open goal. So in the fifth minute he started an unprecedented goalie.

Mertl was finally hat-tricked. Parka Kubalik also.

“There are a lot of players who can score a goal, and today we showed the strength,” Kubalik said. “We’ve tried to play the game to the end.Even when the result was clear, “Mertl said.

Is not a drop of mercy? “Well, they got ten, lost three times in a row. Certainly I do not mind. But we have to concentrate mainly on ourselves. It’s important for us to fall over there, “Mertl shook his head. “I do not remember such a victory in the extrins, maybe in pupils,” remembers the assailant who arrived in Pilsen from Russian Ufa in the summer. Ten goals scored Škoda for the last time in January 2012, when Liberec was also home to 10: 4.

“We were alerting players to the arrival of the team of fighters who have made us big problems in previous seasons. But we did a great performance, they had a great move and everything was there.For Olomouc it is cruel, “said Jiri Hanzlík, one of Pilsen’s assistants.

Zdeněk Venera, coach Hanáků, just sadly lowered his head. “We certainly did not have a team of fighters today. Since the half of the match, I wanted to have the least of the goals…”

The Pilsen players could compete for the most beautiful game. Obviously, the winner was Denise Kindl, who was exlusive to Denis Kindl, who fouled the ball and the goalie in the 12th minute and adjusted to 2: 0. But that great Škoda was just starting out…

Cocks would have liked to see the bus already. But the towel did not go to the ring

– Third match, third loss. Only four goals scored.Eighteen received. And if one of the coaches and club boss Jan Tomajko spoke after his previous defeat with Vítkovice that he would bring such performance points, he would rather encourage the manchat.

against Vítkovice (2: 4) did not play his team well. It acts unmoved, as if the perfect five were still looking for bad powerless words to write…

Olomouc has a job to buy. She is accustomed to being one of the biggest aspirants to fall into the barrage, and this is no different this year.

But Mora has shown herself several times better than anyone thinks of her. But now he must shake.Because he hosts a Liberecky vicemaster on Friday at home.