Happy and unhappy Pardubice. The drama in Olomouc knocked Knotek

In any case, both teams continue to accumulate points and maintain their series. The hunters have lost three of the last five games but scored eight times in a row and six in the table. Pardubice did not leave empty in the last six rounds and is the ninth place.

In a cautious introduction, it was played without bigger chances. In the seventh minute, Poulkov’s foul came home to the first game, but Dynamo, headed by Kacel in the goal, resisted. Another numeral advantage came home after Moses’s illicit surgery, but Jakub Galvas interrupted with his exclusion in eight seconds.

To defend the four guests, they had to return to Marusz’s bench again, but they again did. In the 16th minute, Dynamo hit the ball.The henchman bore the right circle to Martin Kaut who opened the score. Marosz and Petr Sýkora were able to improve, this time Konrad’s home resisted. On the other hand, he threatens the Composite flowing from the blue strike.

Right in the beginning he had a chance to offset the Vlach. The Hanites were rejoicing in the 24th minute when Burian won the right round of the Canadian Sundher, who headed right. Then he could turn Knotek, but he hit the top pole. A few minutes later, Treille and Konrád helped the bar.

In the 27th minute he found himself twice before Kacel Eberle, but failed. After half the match at the penalty of Moses, he picked up the home match with Burian foul, but it was unfortunate to be sorry.In the game of four against four, the left circle hit the exact opposite of Eberle and Olomouc.

At the turn of the second and third third, the guests resisted Beran’s punishment. Then, after the elimination of Luke Galva and Burian, Dynamo scored for 33 seconds as well as a five-to-three power game, but Conrad kept his home lead. He set off three Shotokos guns and managed Treille and Marosz. Olomouc also survived Eberle’s elimination, and then he could raise the lead, but he lost to Kacel. On the other hand, he defended Olomouc’s defense of Marosz’s formation, but Hanani continued to lead.In the power play, however, the East Bohemians managed to cope with Conrad burning from the Wishart blue line.

In the lead, the Vyrabalik was able to decide on the extra time, but Kacetl did a great job. On the other hand, Perret did not succeed. They were rejoicing at home. Laš pushed the knot to the escape, which made the right shot.