Cyclist Bárta finally announced a new team. He will ride for the Czech Elkov Author

He traveled with the German stables a long way from the lowest third division to the present day Bora penetrated this season, boosted by Peter Sagan, Rafael Majku and Leopold König.

Bárta was when NetApp joined the Peloton as a continental, third-team team in 2010.

“Season 2017, my team in the highest category of the World Tour, I do not evaluate quite clearly, “he says. “Paradoxically, that shift was not up to me as much as it could be. Although the base was really professional, however, my aggressive way of racing and participation in releases was no longer in the team.While I was supportive in the drudgery formation before, and the sponsors and team leaders were excited about how the team was clearly visible due to my active racing, this was different this year. ”

From this point of view, this year’s Grand Tour at the Italian Giru. “In the first stage, I had to pull off the rivals in the second stage, and in the next stages I took care of the sick Sprinter Sam Bennett. It cost me a huge amount of power and I was almost invisible to Giro.I had a bit of a taste for at least sixth place in the final time. “While still well understood by Team Manager Ralph Denker on the Sports Director Enrico Poitschke Jan Bárta’s rider has cooled down considerably. That eventually led to the fact that he had not been offered a contract renewal after eight years of cooperation.

“I was a team player, I understood my assignments, but I had the feeling that my work did not have the right response to the team leadership and of course not even with fans, “says Bárta. “I was sorry.I feel their support all my career, and I want them to prove again that I can win. ”

She once took care of the premiere” cuts “of her German stables when she was a second-person team debuted on Giru, Vuelta and Tour. / p>

IN NETWORK COLORS. Jan Bárta at the 2014 Tour.

He became the first NetApp member to score among the top three Grand Prix stages when Giru 2012 won second place in the Cervinia mountain range. He was also the first of the team to stand on the Tour stage.After the third stage of the 2014 season, he received a prize for the most racing rider in London after last leak from the leak before the peloton and was caught shortly before the finish.

On the record of his NetAppu or Bory achievements, the overall triumph in a Coppho and Bartali weekend event, and a one-time Rund um Köln in 2012, or a third in the stages around the UK 2011. Also in the long run of the Tour 2014 finished third, as well as last year in the final round of the race around Slovenia.

At the same time, in the Czech national jersey, he beat the top ten in the world championship.He has earned his home title six times (five times in his time) and has participated in two Olympiads.

IN SIGNS OF SIXTH. The sixth was in Gira last year, the six titles of the Czech champion are in the collection.

After this season, he speculated about his possible new engagement with the CCC, but he eventually met.

“The transfer to the Elkov team – the author now takes a chance to prove something again,” he says. “I am not afraid I would have encountered any worse conditions than I have before. I often practice with my longtime friend and new teammate Alois Kaňkovský, so I know exactly where I’m going.The wheels and other equipment of the team are at the top level, the first warm-up race will take off in a few days. ”

If Bárta was previously used to race for a team with up to 25 runners, he now goes to a stable a list of less than half of the number of cyclists. Closed on his new stables due to the third-division status will also remain stadium races of the highest category.

NEW TEAM COLLECTION: Pictured on the left by Czech vice-champion Josef Cerny, on the right Alois Kaňkovský and Vojtěch Hačecký.

This year, he succeeded in restoring his career in Elkov ‘ , the vicemaster of the Czech Republic and a participant in the World Championship, which also introduced Jiří Polnický .

The only foreign rider on the list is Polak Piotr Konwa .For example, Vojtěch Hacecký and the winner of the last race of the Czech Cup Michael Kukrle

I also appreciate the team believing me and offering me longer than a year, “says Bárta. “When I joined Continental NetApp in 2010, I did not even dream of being a worldtour team. Now I come to Elkov Author, who has great potential, and I hope to be one of the driving engines that will help him move on. ”

Team Director Vladimir Vavra : “We take him as an excellent timekeeper.His main goal will be nominations and a good result for the European and World Championships. ”

The 32-year-old Barta signed the Vavra today until the 2020 Olympics.” We believe it will help the Czech Republic to participate in the Tokyo Games and best they will also participate. “