Captain satisfied and surprised. Stake 2: 0 expected few, enjoying Return

How thin is the border between joy and sadness, between the euphoria of the win and the sore defeat. “I am very happy – and I am especially surprised,” he said. He regained the way the Czech team changed into fighting for the daviscup future. “Following the first day in the Netherlands 2: 0, it was expected few.”

A total of ten sets watched, both of his superiors wrestled with the toughest possible successes. Jiří Veselý versus Thiemo de Bakker, it was a triumph of will.

“While playing with the 408th player in the world, we knew he was strong. Jirka confirmed the role of a favorite. At the end, he managed his head and this victory was important not only for the team but also for him.In the past few years, Davis Cup has failed and this helmet has helped him tremendously, “he commended Navratil that his current No. 1 has successfully completed the duel on his favorite surface.

The Sportcampus hall rained on as the local favorite , native to The Hague, Robin Haase. But the Dutch ace has overtaken Lukáš Rosol.

“We see where his potential is,” Navratil evaluates. “Davis Cup will help him into another career. Haase was supposed to confirm the role of a favorite, but he did not have so many chances. Although Lukas lost 2: 5 in the third set, he concentrated and Haase arrived. “Loni Zverev and Tsonga, now Haas…It is nice to see Navrátil that Rosola is in Davis The Cup is a much more secure tennis player. “He plays for the Czech Republic and he likes it,” says Rosol’s nature.

And he believes him.Practically regardless of the circumstances that would cause doubt in another. And that they would find themselves in the Hague…

“He did not work until Wednesday, when we picked him up and beat him on Thursday,” the Czech captain said. “All the time I was convinced that Luke must play on Friday. Even after the results of this year’s tournaments. Davis Cup is different. ”

This decision paid off to Navratilova.The Dutch city was already hidden under the darkness of darkness and he started to think about another: whom to put on the Saturday doubles, which would be able to decide the barrage during the Czech success.

“We sit for dinner,” he planned “Various had two: Jiří Veselý with Adam Pavlásek or Pavlasek with debut debut specialist Roman Jebavý.

“While the Davis Cup did not play, it made great progress this year.I have to ask everyone how they feel, “Navratil said. “Luck (Rosol) is definitely full of kits, he will not play.” Another help was that the Czechs expect a heavy, maybe a long quadruple: “And we also have to think Haase must be Jirka Veselý physically fit on Sunday. ”

No, it’s not decided yet. But the start was ideal – Captain’s pleasure.