Palyza (si) believes: Decin basketball players are catapulting elsewhere

“With Club Leadership and Coach Budensky, we agreed that Decin currently lacks a style player like me,” said Palyza in an interview for the club website. “It means a shooter from a distance, a player who can create a shot and is also strong in the one-on-one game against the defender.Someone who takes it on and individually will be able to enforce even in tough situations. ”

Although Decin has a collective approach, but Palyza will have more game variants, it will be harder to read for opponents. “It will be important for my role to be incorporated into the philosophy the team has,” the novice understands.

According to him, Děčín has wings that are physically strong, rebounding and defensive and hard. “But now they are a bit short of shooting and turning missiles, sometimes even heavier, from a longer distance. There are fights where your opponent deliberately launches the underpass and betters that you will fire from a distance and will not do it. That will not be possible anymore.My arrival could help the team and catapult him to other spheres, because the shooter is not on the pitch just to shoot constantly, but he also attaches great attention to himself, the defenders have to be with him, which will give a little hands to the others. p>

Freshly 27-year-old Palyza should debut on Saturday at Jindrichuv Hradec. The contract was signed for the current season for the other two, albeit with the exit clause in the offer from abroad.

“For me, ambitions are very important for me at this age, which unfortunately lost in Prostějov. My decision to leave was to a certain extent also radical, but in Prostějov I will remember only in good, did a lot of things for me. I’ve got plenty of space to be able to improve individually, which is what I can see on my game.It’s not just a static shooter game, but it’s much more versatile. This is not the case with such high wings as I do, “says the 202-cm tall player. What does he intend to do with the Warriors? “I did not want to be in Prostějov in the position of an outsider who will play in the play-off without the advantage of the home environment on the strong three Nymburk, Děčín, Pardubice. I want to play for the medal. When I figured out what my arrival could mean for the Decin cadet, and where it could move that, it made me much more interesting. ”

There is no lack of consciousness, but not even points. The average of 19.17 makes him the best NBL shooter. “I’m looking forward to playing again in one team with Tomáš Pomikálek and Pavel Houška. Together we won two titles in Nymburk.They are my friends and I admit it was one of the reasons why I went to Děčín. “