Liberecký Coufal would want to score again Sportingbet

Right-back defender Vladimir Coufal believes he could play his shooting spell on the Thursday’s home match of the European League against Fiorentina. While in the 78 league matches in the Czech league he has scored only one goal, he has scored three goals, including two goals Sportingbet this season. “I would like to score a […]

These are strong words, but we certainly play the title, Barak said

The winning series of five winning matches was reflected in today’s convincing 4: 1 win in Brno and on the increased confidence of Slavie players. Shot the first two goal stitches Antonín Barák after the game said out loud the goal of the Prague, which is the game and the title. Coach Jaroslav Shilhavy, led […]

Icardi has been annoyed by Unibet fans of the Inter, but the captain remains

Inter Milan fans have a number of reasons for dissatisfaction over recent years, and Mauro Icardi is now the target of their criticism. The Argentine striker extended the contract a week and a half ago and on the weekend he published his autobiography, which is a thorn in the eyes of supporters of Nerazzurri… Southamerican […]

About killing bulls, an epidemic in the north and a new Kloppa

Drama before kick-off, hectic ends, turn-bys in the settings, records and another change on the coaching post. Again in the north of Germany. All this brought the 5th Bundesliga round, which is seen by the commentator of the Czech version of Eurosport Václav Procházka. Let’s start in Cologne. It almost did not seem to play. […]

Pilsen has a sound in Unibet, says Czech defender Austrie Stronati

According to Austria’s Patriot Stronati, Austria’s Viktoria Stronati, Viktoria Pilsen has a reputation for being a great team in Austria, and the Thursday match of the European League will be very balanced. A 21-year-old footballer would be thrilled to have the first minute of this season Unibet against the choice of coach Romano Pivarnik. “Pilsen […]

Hokej Chomutov is again riding. Instead of the calm of the cowboy

Friday’s 5: 4 win after a crazy run reminded of recent home strikes with Sparta, Olomouc and Třinec, where at least nine goals were scored. “I say cowboys, we are afraid to the last moment points and result, “the striker Ivan Huml blurted. One of the heroes of the evening, the two-pointer David Kämpf, grinned: […]

We needed such a win, said Zlin Honeyszek after fighting with Vary

“We needed such a win,” Antonin Honeyszek, who shot Roberts Bukarts to the decisive blow, breathed out. New Zlín coaches Robert Svoboda and Martin Hamrlík paid off the move they made. They folded the composition of the individual formations. For example, Bukarts fell from the first line to the third, with Honeyszek and Kubiš playing […]

Palyza (si) believes: Decin basketball players are catapulting elsewhere

“With Club Leadership and Coach Budensky, we agreed that Decin currently lacks a style player like me,” said Palyza in an interview for the club website. “It means a shooter from a distance, a player who can create a shot and is also strong in the one-on-one game against the defender.Someone who takes it on […]

Less beauty, more shots. The comet plans to return to the winning wave

But now it looks as if the Brňané have gone. In the last three weeks, their production has halved and along with the “hungry” times, we have begun to breed until then the almost unknown defeat. “Of course, the teams have read and probably know more about us. We have to cope with this and […]