About killing bulls, an epidemic in the north and a new Kloppa

Drama before kick-off, hectic ends, turn-bys in the settings, records and another change on the coaching post. Again in the north of Germany. All this brought the 5th Bundesliga round, which is seen by the commentator of the Czech version of Eurosport Václav Procházka. Let’s start in Cologne. It almost did not seem to play. […]

Pilsen has a sound in Unibet, says Czech defender Austrie Stronati

According to Austria’s Patriot Stronati, Austria’s Viktoria Stronati, Viktoria Pilsen has a reputation for being a great team in Austria, and the Thursday match of the European League will be very balanced. A 21-year-old footballer would be thrilled to have the first minute of this season Unibet against the choice of coach Romano Pivarnik. “Pilsen […]