Olomouc, the point is not enough. We miss more space, coach Jílek says

The Sigma can not deny effort and taste, but Karvina has been keeping a good watch for its territory, and for the first time between three sticks, Zahradníček fired at the last minute of the first half. “There is still the pain in the pre-final and final stage, where we were holding the balloons and […]

1xbet ofertas actuales de las casas de apuestas

La seguridad, definitivamente, es un aspecto clave al jugar y apostar en línea … afortunadamente, cuando se trata de 1xbet Italia, se puede decir que la seguridad es uno de los puntos fuertes de esta casa de apuestas. ¡Es ciertamente mucho más tarde y más organizado que muchos otros competidores! Además, como apostador registrado en […]

Comedy winning mode. Is there a new hegemon in extraleague play off?

The comet as the first extraliga team celebrates the semifinals. Clearly. The shortest possible time. And suddenly, a group from Brno, like last year, ranks among the main candidates for the title. Why? Because the Comet has gone to the master mode. Playoff boasts breathtaking balances that will be respected in balanced competition. She has […]

888sport cote pariuri sportive online

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Zlín volleyball players can improve the impression in the playoff front

“We wanted to finish in sixth place to go straight into the quarterfinals,” said Captain Michal Cechmanek that the team did not meet its preconditions. The sixth position missed Zlín’s 13 points. And if the volleyball extraliga did not rank as a hockey player in the play-off format of the pre-round, Zlín should not have […]

There is a quarter-finals: Vítkovice will challenge the master, Třinec will check Pardubice

At 17.20, the Tuesday match between Třinec and Pardubice will start. Ten minutes later, Vítkovice and Brno will go to battle. Pardubice a team of sports manager and assistant coach Pavel Marek, coach Miloš Holana and Josef Hrabal, Mark Trončinský and Rostislav Maroš. They all worked in Třinec. On the contrary, coach Marek Zadin, assistant […]