Two relay as night and day. Criticism was in place, the Krčmář recalled

Ondřej Rybář, sometimes very cautious in the choice of strong words, did not keep up and broke into the Krčmář before the journalist: “Absolutely the relay tactically failed. I’m very angry at him. “There are athletes who would send such critical criticism, at least temporarily, to the Zone of Attention, Concern and Doubt. But the […]

Nici Jansrud nu a controlat combinația eFortuna din Wengen, iar Krýzl a marcat

Al treilea sa încheiat o nouă sutimi înapoi suplimentar francez Adrien Théaux. Krýzl după convenția a fost de până la locul 45 în slalom îmbunătățit cu douăzeci de partiții. El a înregistrat, de asemenea, faptul eFortuna pariuri online că nouă sportivi, inclusiv elvețian Carlo Janka și american Ted Ligety a căzut, inclusiv Banca de șase […]

Joker, stormy, winner. “Coach Q” continues to hold Chicago at the NHL

If it is wise that a victory comes after each victory, Chicago would deny the Earth’s attraction. Its endurance is exceptional. After winning the third Stanley Cup in June in six years, predictions were made that the juice soon would come. That his era is over. It did not seem possible that the Blackhawks would […]