Ten months and the end. Why did Karolina Plísková dismiss the coach of Kotyz?


. The co-operation that seemed to be the ideal combination of a player with great potential and a high quality curriculum trainer.

Even the tennis grail, the first place in the world, did not guarantee a longer life. “It was a nice job with Karolina, and I believe it was beneficial to her for another career. Of course, I’m going to stick on my thumbs, “said Kotyza, fifty-year-old.

What could have caused a surprising gait?

More courage!Or is it not?

The Kotyza about Plíšková always talked respectfully – even before their cooperation began. During his cooperation, he has repeatedly praised his progress during the cooperation. At the same time, he was not afraid to name the shortcomings he felt. In particular, grandslamas read Plinth lack of courage.

“Who just throws the net does not pick up the cup,” he declared. “Over seven years, Kotyza led Kvitova, a tennis player who is irritating to a number of fans, but when she has a day, her fire can withstand few people .

And so Plíšková offered this recipe for success at the biggest events: “Try to go to the court with the courage and without fear of defeat. Peace to lose.Go to fight without the guarantee that it will come out. When she (Caroline) dares, loses and does not mind it, she can turn to a big triumph. Meanwhile, the cautionary component still prevails over the risky. ”

It is not just a type of player like Kvitova. Surely, he certainly does not play cautious tennis for sure. But the risk is trying to control.

However, she also stood out strongly when she heard a comparison with the American ranger Coco Vandeweghe during the US Open. “We both play aggressively, but she’s really going into those shots. Even if it gives five-meter cars, she does not care. It’s not my style, “she said.

This may have been contrary to what Kotyza had been saying.And how was the statement Plíšková? “Mismatch on strategy in tennis development…”

Other reasons may be hidden.

The junior between the elite was led by Jiří Vaněk, who was two and a half years old. When he moved to Petra Kvitova last December, she solved Plíšková’s situation in a simple and elegant way, at the same time, Kotyz said. Who will choose now? She may be looking abroad, as the Czech Republic does not offer her many options. Clearly, she wants to have it at the latest before the start of the next season.

Not that this year she had no more to play.On the upcoming Asian tour, he will fight to secure the participation in the October Championship in Singapore and return to the world’s top spot. “When someone ends up being the number one at the end of the year, it is more valuable than when you do it during the season,” says Plíšková.

But Sokyň will have enough: the unpleasant Simon Halep, , the experienced Venus Williams, or the current ruler of Garbin Muguruza.

All in a situation where a surprising and risky pull has raised the pressure on her.

On the other hand, Plíšková is not a player , which could not be pressed with pressure.