Vsetín started the first league win, the famous Krejcik flashed four goals

Karlovy Vary, who came down from the extralig 20 years ago, turned the 1st round with Frýdek Místek and won 2: 1 in the lead. The six-time Czech champion Vsetín returned after reigning in the extrali, ruining and rebirth in the second league to the first league after 23 years and celebrated at home before the highest attendance of a round of 3042 spectators to win over Ústí nad Labem 5: 2.

In Eden was the first two-thirds of Krejčík, who had a hat-trick between 16th and 38th minute and won 3-0 of Slavia. In front of just 849 spectators at the beginning of the final act, he raised Neddydek and after Bambul’s reduction was finished his galleries Krejčík.

The triumph of České Budějovice in Litoměřice was not easy to breed and in the middle of the match the situation was balanced.Thanks to a good third third, however, guests eventually made a victory, which Filip Vlček deserves two precise interventions. Karel was rewarded by Karel Vaclav Nedorost once again.

During the summer, Kladno, a rejuvenated team, who coached the Knight Jaromir Jagr with a rehearsal for the new engagement, struggled for three points in a match against Kadan. The knights led 2: 0, but thanks to Jan Müller’s two power struggles, The match was headed for an extension that Jakub Strnad turned away eight seconds before the third siren, who, like Müller, won twice in the match. Strnad thus celebrated the premiere with the captain’s “cap” for home games.In outdoor matches, it will be worn by another striker David Tůma in the season. The match between Karlovy Vary and Frýdek-Místek was extended.

The West Bohemians had a great deal of trouble in the end and had been losing to Tomáš Franko from the seventh minute, to which the captain Vaclav Skuhravy answered in the beginning of the final act. Additionally, Jakub Flek decided at 64:33. However, even the biggest star of the meeting was guest goalkeeper Jan Strmeň, who scored 41 interventions.

A new entrant from Vsetín also scored a great entry to the competition and decided after 30 minutes when the home team led three goals. At the start of Podešvův trefu the guest Volf responded, but at the 18th minute Vsetín returned to lead Pokorny and then Markovič and Březina hit. At 47.and the score was corrected by Melka.

Prerov, thanks to clean account of Slovak goalkeeper Juraj Šimboch, defeated Prostějov 2-0 and Benátky nad Jizerou won in Trebic 3: 1.