Mazows and returnees. How will the Olympic boxers look like?

The Russians hang their Olympic gold neck last time in 1992 in Albertville, then as a Commonwealth of Independent States. It was a tournament after which the tough coach Viktor Tikhonov took his medal with the former trio and future goalie goalkeeper Nikolai Chabibulin, not deserving it. It will be twenty-six years in February…

In the last two Olympics, the conquest ended in infamous quarterfinals, including the Sochi domestic tournament, where the team led by coach Zinetulja Biljaletdinov had to endure enormous pressure. The new coach became the former coach of Znarok Latvia and has proved to be a good choice.

He has imported precious metals from the last four world championships, including 2014 gold.Weightlifting has come with the World Cup last September, when a tournament rampant with the NHL players gave the Russians a semifinal win over Canada.

The Olympic fiasco can fix the February tournament in South Korea, where after twenty years they will not be NHL hockey players. And the Russians, who have a wide margin in the KHL, a strengthened “refugee” from North America, are again confronted by giant expectations.

Russia is a clear favorite. Fighting the overseas NHL is particularly damaging to North American representations and Swedes. On the contrary, the Russians have something to choose from.How could the Olympic expedition look like, whose duty is finally to conquer the long-awaited hockey peak?


The choice of a long-spirited, seems to be the simplest one this time. Young duo Ilja Sorokin – Igor Šesťorkin provides goalkeeper stability from the top KHL matches supported by the international scene. At the last championship in Cologne, both of them alternated Andrei Vasiljevski from Tampa, with his absence, they should take over the stand in their hands.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sorokin pulled out in the last year of the Continental League in CSKA Moscow with an average of 1.61 goal for the match. In the last three years he regularly appeared in the Znarok nominations.It is interesting that he has not made a single goal in five World Championships.

Ilja Sorokin.

The probable six-year-old Šestytorkin stood with St. Petersburg to win the Gagarin Cup, Fina Koskinen. After his injuries, Six-Wing won also two final encounters, and the experience he collected mainly at the Euro Hockey Tour.


The back rows strengthened during the summer with the arrival of overseas returnees. Especially the end of Andrew Markov in Montreal will ease Znarok’s job in defending the defensive. The experienced player, who signed Kazani, collected 36 points in 62 matches in last year’s NHL.Although his late thirties, his overview of the game still stands out.

When Toronto twenty-five year contract worth of Alexei Marchenko, Russian defender on another overseas engagement expected. With the prospect of the struggle for Olympics signed with CSKA Moscow, which has said it would like in the future in the NHL returned.

At the last championship with good defensive pair said Vladislav Gavrikov – Bogdan Kiselevič. Gavrikov, who, in addition to collecting points, has also slammed opponents with harsh hits, rejected Columbus’ offer, and preferred to take on St. Petersburg. Together with Kiselevic, he will create a productive pair that Znarok will be able to rely on for power plays.Andrew Markov (left) with a former teammate from Montreal Tomas Plekans.

Vlašeslav Vojnov, the NHL leader, the perpetrator did not allow her to continue her overseas career. After a promising return, however, he is now working with a wound that will allow him to return not earlier than September.
on the side of the stellar Russian invaders, it will be hard for anyone to compete in such an offensive way. Speech of health is in place when we talk about veterans Dacjuko, Mozjakin or Kovalčuk.But the clubs are still indispensable, which should also be true of Russian selection.

Offensive lubes will suitably complement the youth in the form of Sergey Plotnikov, Kiril Kaprizov or Nikita Gusev. The last two names have collected 113 points in the last season and together with experienced leaders should not be lost.

There will definitely be the absence of the standings of Šipačjov and Dadonov, who have decided to engage in the NHL. In the opposite direction, however, Mikhail Grigorenko, Sergei Kalinin or Roman Ljubimov walked a year ago, leaving Dallas Valerij Ničuškin a year ago. In the case of the first three, however, much will depend on how they show up in autumn in KHL.