Zlín – Teplice 2: 0, the home team managed to win the European Champions League final

“Teplice is our unpopular rival, who always stole all our points here. So we had to wait a little for them and change the game. We did not rely on too open football that suits the rivals and gives them goals. We did one quick action after taking the ball in the middle of the field, the lead goal was very important, “Bohumil Páník, coach of Zlín, said that only five Mehanovic and Vukadinovich were placed in the basic set. Both of them appeared at the tip of the attack.

But the Shevchen combination was screeching for the first quarter of a quarter. The soccer players of Teplice were precisely combining on one touch, cleverly transferring the ball to the sides. Their technical football did not lead to goal chances.Most actions ended at the border of the criminal territory. Zlín was troubled in the attack, the balls were missing the precision. In the middle of the game, Jiráček scored in the middle of the pitch with an inaccurate pass of the opponent, with a perpendicular passage sent to the counterattack Mehanovic, who sprint between the queers Králem and Šušnjar scored the introductory goal.

“We were counting on the breads, which we did. I shot my right foot, which is my weaker. But I hit it. I am glad that the start in Zlín came out and we won, “Zlin Mehanovic, the first goal scorer, commented.

Zlín threatened seven minutes later. However, Mehanovič did not reach Vukadinovic’s center on the left side.Just before the break, Teplice weakened Šušnjar, who saw a red card after the penetrating Vukadinovich hit.

“The first half was not good for us. We might have been in control, but we played only lime and then handed the ball. Afterwards, however, Šušnjar made two mistakes that we paid for. It is football and such things happen, “said Admir Ljevakovich, Captain Teplic, after the match. Despite the numerical advantage, at the beginning of the second half the” Shevci “pulled into the defensive and the leaders left the initiative. Teplický kouč Šmejkal rebuilt the defensive line, Ljevakovich and alternating Jeřábek appeared on the spot. From the territorial predominance, his superiors also made several shooting chances.Vráškovič, Vošáhlík and Vaněčkovi missed a more precise ending.

The distracting Zlín delivered after 82 minutes Traoré, who crossed the goal Grigora with a ground shot over the border of the penalty area and thus confirmed the full point gain.