The attackers are not. Does the Slovácko Vsadí in the introduction to Gubnazist Kubal?

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Now, a month before eighteen, he may appear for the first time in the base line at the tip of the attack. And this in the home match of the new year.

The coach of Stanislav Levý narrowly narrowed the possibilities for the striker’s post in the summer. After the afternoons left Kony and Tetteh, the last year’s top scorer Tomáš Zajíc was injured before the league.

The Slovácko tries to bring a substitute against Jablonec but can now deploy either Kubal or three and a half years older Korean Ju Kang -hjona, who played his first three minutes in the spring against Sparta.

“The coach made me the coach. But if I play in the league too, I can not say, “Kubala says. “Of course I would welcome it, but it would be difficult.Meanwhile, I had only two starts, with a minute of minutes. ”

If he really was to play, he would have taken it quietly. Regardless of the fact that a large expedition from Smilovice near Třinec is coming from. “I never felt nervousness. I believe and always do everything, “he assures.

The talented striker came four years ago from Třinec. Previously, he also looked at Baník Ostrava and also considered Olomouc or Brno, but he decided for Slovácko, where young players have recently been successful.

“The coaches in a young player have confidence, even in the cabin I can chat with other young people, “says the youngest player on the first-league club list.Right behind him is another slogan football player Patrik Hellebrand.

Kubala also praises the approach of older teammates. “There are not many of them here again,” he laughs. “Guys like Velič Šumulikoski or Tomáš Rada have a lot of experience and it is good to hear from them, from abroad, from abroad. He will give us a lot. They are very friendly too. ”

In the attack he could draw a lot from cannon Libor Došek, who ended his career a year ago. “I really wanted to experience it. I would definitely have great advice on how to play the attacker.But unfortunately, I was preparing for the first time this winter, “said the student of the grammar school, who is a graduate of a grammar school year.

Experience can now be enjoyed only by the 20-year-old Tomáš Zajíc. “I do not know if Zaja has so much experience,” he says at the address of his partner, who scored five goals in his first season. “So many goals would be beautiful, but the attacker is probably waiting for even more,” he suspects.