Stramaccioni Sparta. A thoughtful project or risky experiment?

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What his team in Belgrade played in a match with Crvena with a show (0: 2) can be summed up in a few words: chaos, helplessness, disillusionment. “Panic,” found perhaps the most suitable expression of defender Lukáš Štetin.

Panic Straight beats the alarm. And it’s coming to Summer before the season has begun. It’s as if Stramaccionim had been crashing under his hands at the start of a grand mission.

Sparta was under great pressure at the start of the year, and he must count on being kicked in.

It is still worth appreciating the courage of the boss Křetínský, who after years decided to walk in the Czech Republic untested foreign way.But after Thursday, it is also worth asking: Did not he bit a bit?

One, two, ten…

When Stramaccioni arrived, he related how he had agreed with the leadership that it was enough to bring two new players, but it must be “something special.” This idea has been swollen since then, 10 players have been posing with a new jersey for Letná and another should be on their way.

There is a coaching staff full of strangers, fourteen nationalities in the cabin…With such a hit it is difficult to compare it after a few weeks of preparation, especially when some players did not even have it. The fourth evening at Marakan Stadium revealed how much Sparta had to do before him.The players looked like new classmates at the introductory course – as if they did not know anything about each other. The poor performance then raised the question of whether there is any real difficulty in overcoming the fatal consequences.

What can be done with the fact that the players do not understand – the gaming room and maybe even literally when there are several languages ​​spoken in the cabin ?

What does Stramaccioni want Sparta to play when his tactics in Belgrade were unreadable?

And perhaps the most puzzling question: did you bring the right players?

Europe’s “just” title?

You can raise your eyebrows and pick up more questions while looking at the positions they are in position.

Why is there six defensive midfielders in the team?Why, instead, did not one go creative when the whole preparation was to see Sparta desperately missing an idea? Why does the club still attract Italian Giaccherini, another player in the region, who has six of them?

The Spartan act is more like a risky experiment than a thoughtful project. If it does not work, the team can quickly lose the cups. But this possibility is obviously Křetínský et al. and they are ready to sacrifice the European League for rebuilding the team.Stramaccioni’s post-war statement, after all, is recording.

“The management wants to start a new era, with the result that there are ten eleven players and a new coach,” he said dryly. “It’s not an excuse, but we knew it was not going to be easy.”

But would fans fancy if a team that pumped hundreds of millions suddenly fought “only” about the title? And would the Czech league alone be a sufficient motivation for foreign stars such as Janka, Plavšić or Mavuba?

There is much doubt about this. And if you add a demanding lot…Of the first five rounds, Sparta is three times away: she has not been playing in Liberec for five years, in Brno for three years, and even in Boleslav she has been failing for a long time. Stramaccioni must quickly convinced that the overcrowded team can jump in the critical moment . Otherwise there is a danger that the bombastic plans will change into a great deal of trouble.