Rescue? Ask me in the winter, says Pilik. Even in Brno he is fighting for survival

But after the misguided entry of the Brno footballers into the league with Pilik’s team wading into trouble, Zbrojovka is crouching at the bottom of the league table. And her fans are talking about words like survival, descent, or rescue.

“I would not make any conclusions after the sixth round. Ask me in the winter, “says Pilik. “We know where we are. It’s about two consecutive results, and you can be somewhere else in the table, “says the gray-haired midfielder.

The first step, which starts the up-to-date Table Armor Up, is Pilik et al. to do on Saturday. From 17.00 Brno hosts Liberec. The duel of temporary coach Richard Dostálka did not have to enter the last position.If Pilik had changed his tune-up last weekend, the Brňáň from Mladá Boleslav did not have to leave without a point.

But the pre-season has sent Zbrojovka to solve the solo raid with a shot above and home in a few minutes to open the score and triumph 3: 0. “At that moment, what you do not change is trying to throw your head.But after the match, it’s a long way to go, “says Pilik. “It could have looked quite different. A bad solution from me, I failed, “he reads back. “I have to say that I did not watch any records, nor did I let Dohran in the evening.”

Pilik, with the 249 run-of-the-league lethal warrior in the Zbrojovka squad, knows very well that if he does not play in his life – and sports in particular. “Now I’m thinking of Liberec,” he said furiously. “We want to present ourselves as in the last home game against Sparta.”

Just against the rival from Letná, the Brňáň went to the extra-standard performance and the first (and still only) win in the league season. “In Liberec, what Sparta does,” says Pilik. “Do not leave them room, dash them and go into quick counterattacks.Or try to use some standard situation, “says the technical midfielder. “The tactic will certainly be different from Sparta,” adds Dostálek, a coach, mysteriously.

During the personal calamity last weekend, Pilik took advantage of the right side of the deposit. “I did not play it for a year and a half, I was looking for a bit, my place is rather in the middle,” the Pribram pugilist thinks. “But enough of the boys, and the coach told me three days in advance.”

And because the Brno marod virtually never emptied, there is a variant that even today Pilik will be shooting the rails. “If the coach wants me to jump in, I’ll play there,” he does not have a strained league matador. “Lajna is for faster players than I am,” smiles the renowned straight kicker.

Will the Zbrojovka leave the league bottom?Will it contribute Pilik? “The mood is fighting. And we do not want to last, “he says.