All you need is Klopp! Dortmund welcomed the former Beatles coach

“People who have speculated about our performance are now a little surprised,” said Klopp. Liverpool did not go into this doubleship as a favorite. “I’m convinced that many thought we were going to lose 0: 2, 0: 3 or 0: 4. But in some passages we played Dortmund, “Klopp said. “I’m happy with many passages, […]

My words have been confirmed, said a member of the football government to the resignation of Damok

“I welcome her step, but I do not want to foment any further,” said Hrubcik, who represents the interests of Moravia in the football government. “The soccer association said in a statement Thursday that Damnak, due to her work in the international football organizations of FIFA and UEFA as chairperson of the Committee of Czech […]

Hamilton will seek a hat-trick at the Bahrain Grand Prix

Rosberg in Melbourne has prolonged the winning season since the end of last season for the fourth triumph behind him and his debut in the formula 1 of 2006 wants to add more.In the past two years, he has swept away Hamilton with great battles, and he has finished second and third. “Again, I’m counting […]

How to fix a machine that scraps? Questions before nominations for the Euro football

If after March’s friends someone honestly deserves to praise, then only goalkeeper Vaclik, young universal Frydek and conscientious midfielder Darida. What questions to answer? What can I do in Seefeld? Leccos. Ten days of honest training, tactical debugging, training of standard situations, two matches and especially the concentration of the whole team, which will last […]

Pilsen kept the course in Olomouc, Boleslav advanced to him in Hradec

Pilsen is the second semifinalist of the home cup after Jablonec. Viktoria in Olomouc drew 1: 1 and moved 4: 2 with home win. Sigma took the lead in the first half thanks to Michal Ordoš, but after one hour, Jan Kopic. The home team did not take advantage of several lapsed chances. “We were […]

Lafata: I can not compare with Klos. Perhaps he fired at the weekend

“It’s true that I do not have the power to catch up at other times. We’re still playing, “he shrugged as the condition of fitness came up during the Wednesday press conference. “I still have no power for ninety minutes, we are negotiating with the coach that I can hold on, I will. The main […]

Play-off: Liberec wins at Chomutov, Sparta has almost lost its lead

Liberec did not hesitate in the first match and Chomutov defeated 4: 1. The guests have made a lot of unnecessary fouls, totaling eight times. Successful entry into the quarterfinals is also behind Sparta, who played Zlin 4: 3. The second matches of these series are on schedule Thursday. After the two duels are transferred […]

Two relay as night and day. Criticism was in place, the Krčmář recalled

Ondřej Rybář, sometimes very cautious in the choice of strong words, did not keep up and broke into the Krčmář before the journalist: “Absolutely the relay tactically failed. I’m very angry at him. “There are athletes who would send such critical criticism, at least temporarily, to the Zone of Attention, Concern and Doubt. But the […]

Joker, stormy, winner. “Coach Q” continues to hold Chicago at the NHL

If it is wise that a victory comes after each victory, Chicago would deny the Earth’s attraction. Its endurance is exceptional. After winning the third Stanley Cup in June in six years, predictions were made that the juice soon would come. That his era is over. It did not seem possible that the Blackhawks would […]