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Pilsen succumbed to Kometa in the raids, Sparta defeated Zlín. Chomutov fell

Also thanks to the second shot of Romana Vlach, Třinec nad Pirát was 4: 0. Chomutov managed to reduce, but the loss of the coach of Vladimír Růžička did not manage to erase. The Zlin double-barrel lead Zartra managed to catch up, but the Spaniards shuffled and still struggled to win. Two goals were scored […]

Nunnally frightened Fenerbahce with a terrible fall, not even Cheerful

The Duel had to be interrupted for a few minutes instead of professional basketball players on the area. The twenty-seven-year-old Nunnally stopped moving after a dramatic fall on his back, but he was conscious when he left the hospital hall. According to Eurohoops.net, Nunnally had a lot of luck in the mess, communicating with doctors, […]

Number one among the five? The best pivot on the continent is Veselý

And 70 percent of the penalty throws are also worth mentioning, considering that the six were its weaknesses, “it appears in the analysis. And, moreover:” Not that it matters in this case, but Cheerful is also one of the most entertaining Euroleague players, as evidenced by his regular presence in bicycle events. ” A native […]

Zohorna’s KHL fired in the new year, Novosibirsk scored two goals

Zohorna scored in the third consecutive game, with five goals and two assists in the last five games.Amur after defeating the previous four victories came to defeat in 2018 and in eighth place the Eastern Conference has now just one point more than Novosibirsk, but also two matches for good. This time Zohorna opened the […]

Slavia no longer wants Altintop, Rotana or Šventa. She first trained without them

“All three have permission to look for engagement and they are the end of the club,” said Slavie Michal Býček, a football spokesperson. The experienced Altintop and Rotana have been in the team since summer Slavia has led as great foreign reinforcements to help fight the Champions League…Especially Altintop, a player with rich experience in […]

Happy and unhappy Pardubice. The drama in Olomouc knocked Knotek

In any case, both teams continue to accumulate points and maintain their series. The hunters have lost three of the last five games but scored eight times in a row and six in the table. Pardubice did not leave empty in the last six rounds and is the ninth place. In a cautious introduction, it […]

The birth of Czech biathlon bronze. He testified also the “Russian doping car”

The outbreak of massive state-controlled doping in Russia broke out two years ago. At that time, a Canadian sports attorney and a member of the International Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Richard McLaren, published reports detailing the practices of Russian doping. McLaren and his team reported on urine swatches at the Sochi Winter Olympics. It was then […]