These are strong words, but we certainly play the title, Barak said

The winning series of five winning matches was reflected in today’s convincing 4: 1 win in Brno and on the increased confidence of Slavie players. Shot the first two goal stitches Antonín Barák after the game said out loud the goal of the Prague, which is the game and the title. Coach Jaroslav Shilhavy, led […]

Happy and unhappy Pardubice. The drama in Olomouc knocked Knotek

In any case, both teams continue to accumulate points and maintain their series. The hunters have lost three of the last five games but scored eight times in a row and six in the table. Pardubice did not leave empty in the last six rounds and is the ninth place. In a cautious introduction, it […]

The birth of Czech biathlon bronze. He testified also the “Russian doping car”

The outbreak of massive state-controlled doping in Russia broke out two years ago. At that time, a Canadian sports attorney and a member of the International Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Richard McLaren, published reports detailing the practices of Russian doping. McLaren and his team reported on urine swatches at the Sochi Winter Olympics. It was then […]

Olympic shorttrack only with Sejpal, Novotna’s fifth game escaped

Speed ​​skaters and speed skaters struggled in short-circuits to participate in the Olympics in the opening four parts of the World Cup in Budapest, Dordrecht, Shanghai and Seoul in the Netherlands. Sejpalova qualified on the 1,500 meter course where she was the only Czech she entered 32 progressive, no one succeeded on the other tracks. […]

Cured Lion Ibrahimovic: My injury was even worse than it was written

He has not played for seven months. For a football player, a damn long time, Ibrahimovice is unpretentious. When Manchester United re-signed the contract in summer, coach José Mourinho said, “I have no doubt that he will be a very important player in the second half of the season.” Mourinho’s position is not exclusive, however, […]

Prokop wants to reach the Dakar in a dozen, Kolomi fight for the Bedouin

Prokop will be working with a Ford passenger car for the premiere of the elite tenth, Kolomý wants to fight for a Bedouin statue with Tatra truck, which gets the best three in each category. to ten and eventually ended eleven.And it would be a shame not to try this year, it is our clear […]

A little hero of great deeds. Paul Kariya heads to the NHL Hall of Fame

Always gentleman. With this sentence Kariya drove all his life – on ice and outside. He had only eleven matches to knock down thousands of matches in the NHL. The same number was missing in Canadian scoring. The person who had to prematurely terminate a career due to the effects of a few brain shakes […]

Basketball players are coming to Switzerland, the team is making changes

Which two players will replace the nomination, the coach Štefan Svitek has not yet decided. “We will change the nomination for the two players. I want to have a wider spin so that other players feel they are part of the team. I believe it will be worthwhile in the future, because there may be […]