Zlín volleyball players can improve the impression in the playoff front

“We wanted to finish in sixth place to go straight into the quarterfinals,” said Captain Michal Cechmanek that the team did not meet its preconditions.

The sixth position missed Zlín’s 13 points. And if the volleyball extraliga did not rank as a hockey player in the play-off format of the pre-round, Zlín should not have a chance to win the title.

“Everybody strengthened before the season, pre- And it is also more just.Last season we had more wins than Odolena Voda, who at our expense played a playoff, “recalled the second coach of the team Premysl Obdržálek the last Zlin missed the quarterfinals by one point.

For a long time it seemed that the will meet in front with Ústí nad Labem, the final Saturday round, but the rankings from sixth to tenth place were mixed. “That Ostrava has come to us, it has more pluses than minus,” said Čechmánek.

The distance is positive. Players do not Harcov north Bohemia or in Pribram, which also Zlin actually threatened.

According to the position in the table is the favorite series of Ostrava, which gained 9 points or more.But the balance of mutual matches is in favor of Zlín, who has not lost even a point.

“It will not be easy to beat four times in the season,” Obnálek ​​says. ”

” It’s probably not going to be basically, but in the heads they might have not defied us, “says statistically the second best blocker of the base. one team is not before the play off cool. Ostrava lost five of the last six matches, Fatra lost fifteen in a row.But a long line of failures does not shrink in Zlín.

“We had very difficult rivals, but the performances were not bad,” said Čechmánek; the last six sets lost Zlin by a maximum of two points.

The winner believes the team will at least keep the performance from the finishing of the base. And it will be complete. Health injuries had a blocker, Nakamil, universal Adamec and smear Motyčka, who, due to the stretched muscle on the rebound leg, alternated with Liberty with Bláha.

“Play off is played despite the pain. Everyone has to put everything in it, there is nothing to save, “added Obervalek.