With the box on your head you will not get a goal, they have been healing the Heat Captain’s hatcher. Gave

The two teenagers secure the first heat 2: 1 over Zlín. The glassmakers celebrated the young rifles at the weekend.

“Honestly, I did not even know that I was hit by the ball,” said King, who scored 1-0 at the corner. “I went there odd and I still fell and I did not even know it was a goal. Only when the fans started screaming, I got it. Smiley. ”

A ruthless description of his premiere and more victorious hit? “I stumbled around the player at the bar, ran to the gate, saw Vaněčka on the penalty, so I hit the ball. Well, he was bouncing well and I was just hanging back in the back. ”

Both goals are great, no smudge. Celebrations were spontaneous. “But I did not even know what to do.I just ran and celebrated with the players, “Zitny wrote. That was the King’s plan, but he did not work out, because the partners promptly captured him: “I wanted to run for Dan Trubac on a bench. I was laughing at all the time that I had a box on my head and that I did not go head-to-head for training, it flew away. Now that I have scored the goal and I will live it. “While the defender needed 20 games to open his league shootout, only two of them were in reserve for Zitny and only one in the base line. “Patrick is my big friend. And that he scored faster, I could jump out of it, he’s a different position, “smiled the swimmer.Unlike Zitny, his goal will not be paid to the team treasurer: “The cup against Tábor has also been counted, I have paid everything. It cost me five thousand crowns. ”

Zitny may converse with a youth discount at the cashier guard. “I’ll try to bang it,” he said. He stepped on the left edge of the reserve instead of injured Rezko, more often oscillated in the middle of the field. “But I play in the representation on the edge of the backup, I’m used to this position. Perhaps I’ve replaced Rézz a little bit. ”

Absolutely! And he watched the crowd of his loved ones. “There was the whole family, girlfriend. Everyone who could be here, “was under the watch, but without stress:” Actually, I was not afraid. It fell out of me in Jablonec after the first start. Now I just wanted to show what’s in me.And I still can not believe I scored a goal and still winning. Experience. ”

The members of the youth representations returned to Teplice in good spirits, even though they remained the eighth. “We knew it was not ideal, but we did not despair at all. We tried to be relatively cool, which helped us. We did not panic, “observed the King, who had to feel like a king after his first goal:” It’s a moment in my career to remember. “