Vítkovice’s troubles persist, the winning Olomouc celebrated Knotka

“The fifth loss in the row is a lot. But we played the game for 58 minutes quite decent. Unfortunately we got all the goals quickly. And then it was a tough match for us, “Peter Trška, the Vítkovice bek, said.

He had the beginning of the second third when he scored three times in just 88 seconds. First, they used the numerical advantage in five against three, then against four, and then punished the wrong turn of Jan Vytisk.

“It is a pity we let ourselves run like this. In the first third we were clearly better, “said Daniel Dolejš, who was replaced by Patrick Bartosak after the third prize.

“We were preparing for Olomouc power play, but it’s also a good luck. It’s been a pity. It was not easy, but we believed.At least the point. The damage of the other two, “said Trška.

The Vítkovičti team played a decent game. In the first third, the opponent’s goal was filled with seventeen missiles, and the guests fired only twice. And after a long wait of 164 minutes they managed to score.

“We wanted to enter the fight actively, which we have succeeded. The first third was very good on our side, “said Vítkovický striker Radoslav Tybor, the author of two home games.

However, while the five-to-three power-throwers used the home, they dispensed with the same advantage. “We did her, but, unfortunately,” said Tršek. “It is said, who does not change the power of five to three, can not win,” Dolejs said.

“We are satisfied with the performance but with the result, it is very cruel.We did a lot of chances, but we did not change them, “said Vítkovice coach Pavel Trnka.

Vida, knot burns! Even the raiders are able to work.

The excellent Branislav Konrad on the thirtieth birthday as usual held the chances of Olomouc hockey players on points. In the first third mainly, in the extension also in the raids most. He scored only one goal from eight attempts.He also picked up Rostislav Olesz, who, as he celebrated, was two years more on Tuesday. “I wish all the best, but I win my birthday,” the Slovak goalie smiled. “I’m glad I was in the raid, and we have two important points when we do not get home.” 41 games were shot in the match, while Olomouc burned only seventeen times. It was enough. Her second night’s hero Jan Knotek had a few good reasons for her typical wide smile.He knows that he is not a technician, although with nine points (4 goals + 5 assists) he is the most productive manpau player, he does not use the formations of the power center of the first formation.

But in the game he scored in the power game in the position of a lying shooter after Mark Lace’s slamming, so he believed in extraordinary raids as well. He was the only one in the team. And twice. “That’s my record,” he did not understand.

His wrists were great. The decisive in the eighth series is directly exhibition. To the gallows. Coach Zdeněk Venera raised his hands to the ceiling of the hall: Vida, knot Knotek! Painted.

Olomouc raced in Ostrava with victory 4: 3 after penalties. And after the 12th.the wheels jumped to the tenth place of the extraliga for a point behind Vítkovice. “Two points are worth the gold after the first third,” said Vener’s assistant, Jan Tomajko. “But we are happy with the second and third thirds.” Although two teams with a bad form, who were shooting, met with an interesting spectacle. The first third clearly belonged to the home. Conrad splashed with fifteen missiles, and the partisans could thank him for collecting once in a weakening. “At least I got into the tempo,” the puck spray did not bother the cocks. “The first third was scary, we only got one goal, but it was not good, Braňo kept us,” Tomajko said.

The Hannah had only two wounds, they were pimples.They led to a gray performance against Mladá Boleslav (1: 3). “We have to add to everything,” said Captain Martin Vyrubalík for a break and looked for a double overtime that continued at the beginning of the second period. Buch, buch!

Thanks to Knotka and the flow of Canadian Sundraer after the victory of Jakub Galvas, At the same time, the numerical advantage did not play, but the reflected pucks collected and scored. And that was not all.After a terrible start of the Vitkovice defender Jana Vytiskka, which was captured by Ostřížek, the first one after the arrival of Slovakia, Bruno Mráz scored a goal, and he shot a goal two on the goal.

Patrik Bartošák was too much and left for the first time in the season to replace Dolejs. “We gave three quick goals, shuffled and assembled,” said Tomajko.

In 88 seconds, the waked Olomouc turned the situation and froze Ostravany. But not for long. Even thanks to the steps of Dolejs against free Strapáč they managed to lift, to exert pressure and in the 53rd minute Hrbas straightened. No one ever knew that knot Knock was going to make life raids.