USA – Czech Republic 9: 3, Czech juniors did not reach the bronze, they missed the debakl

Four strikes by American Frederic, a disastrous second-third, a double-rounding of Czech goalies and a spooky opening Pesan’s power.

These are the strong moments of the medal struggle that has begun so promisingly for the Czechs. Catching the stick in the second minute, he just raised the hope that the other of the overseas giants “Twenty” would not make a debacle.

It boasted four more seconds before the end of the first third. but the time began to dwindle. The Americans used Kaut’s kicks in the Czech Power Stream and went into the lead, shorting the second period came another direction – Nečas’s hesitation punished Poehling.

The US hockey players then added five goals in a row and after forty minutes led 7: 0.Done, the bronze holder was clear. Czech players are used to honor that they did not defeat the final third and with three goals corrected the wild score.

Chyttilova tyčka, Kautův kiks

The second minute was running when the home sticker Oettinger had a stick. Catching from the promising position was the following:

On the other hand, he immediately had a great chance of Tkachuk, but after a pass from behind, he sent a puck to Kořenář.

The Czechs waited a long time in the opening shot at the American goal , Chytil just gave a stick, the other attempts to Oettinger did not run.

Reichel fired a minute.

The Pešan boys had an ideal opportunity to reach the opening goal at the end of the first period when they had a numeric advantage.

The red light turned on the other side. Kaut played absurdly on the offensive blue line, then flashed Frederic in vain. When the puck crossed the goal line, the timekeeper stayed 3.4 seconds.

From the second third, only nine seconds passed when Necas rang behind the Czech goal and the Czechs won for the second time.

“That was terrible!”, responded television expert Milan Antoš. >

At 25.minute gave Anderson a happy goal when he sent the skate Tkachuk pass behind Kořenář. The rookie left the Czech goal and released the place for Škark.

He kept the net account for only 94 seconds, with a quick shot over him by Frederic.

he did not get a shot at the penalty shoot-out after the defeat of Hájkov’s foul, Bellows – 0: 5.

The worst Czech third in the tournament was then crowned by Frederic who watched him celebrate his hat-trick fall down on ice caps, and Bellows.

And the Czechs, with the Cornet between the three sticks again, played very well.

By the end of the event, one man in the field had the advantage of taking advantage of Kaut.Almost immediately established himself also Pavlik.

His life-crowned night after the fourth exact intervention Frederic, which called for a brilliant run Bellows passport.

The final form of the score then gave Kurovského clubs and Harper.

The Americans won 9: 3 and the bronze medals were taken in front of the domestic audience – only 7,000 spectators in the buffalo arena.