Two best teams to start? Jihlava’s manager Jinoch is excited

“I’m excited about this, I think nothing better could have happened to us,” says Josef Jinoch, the sports manager of the Jihlava team, surprisingly. “I believe we will be able to bite both of these big clubs. And I firmly hope that we will take some points out of these two games. Both at home and out. ”

When looking at the number of points that autumn teams picked up: Pilsen 46, Slavia 32, Jihlava 10, it must be clear to all that it is a very brave declaration. But Jinoch is behind him.

“All the top five games are the best you can play,” Jinoch said. “It’s a huge motivation. And not just for Jihlava! This is the question of all the clubs that oppose the cup participants.If you ask Spartans if matches are slave or Pilsen more than a match with Blsana, then you will surely tell the same. ”

His optimism lived up to the past, saying that Slavia is able to pull Jihlava. The mutual league balance of Vysočina with the team from Eden is unexpectedly balanced: from 13 matches Jihlava won five, four times draw and only in four of his opponents succumbed.”I’m a little bit sorry that trainer Trpišovský and Manager Nezmar have just arrived in Slavia,” reminds Jinoch of significant changes in the leadership of the Prague team, which strengthened in the winter about the key figures of Liberec.

“We were intimidated in the autumn like we want to slap Slavia now.So they will be ready and accustomed to it, “reminds Jin’s unexpected November victory 3: 1 over Slovan. “We are going to have to think of another strategy to succeed,” he adds.

Today’s duel against Slavia will be spirited for Jinocha also because he has repeatedly played in Eden both as a player and as a sports manager – in the period from June 2015 to August 2016.

“If I do this retrospectively, I think I do not have to be ashamed of the work I did in Slavia.And I’d like others to see that, “says Jinoch. “The players who came to the club for my performance or their base later became a championship title,” he expects Jinoch.

While at the time he came from Jihlava, he certainly did not go to a similarly financially secure club, as now is Slavia.

“I did not go to a club with a Chinese owner or billions to switch. I went to a more difficult situation than she was in Jihlava, “she remembers. “When I arrived, we did not have any paychecks and were insolvent. Still, we were looking for and compiling the team to be competitive.And from insolvency we got to the cups a year, “he looks forward to it.

 Slavia did not manage the fourth pre-league of the European League with Anderlecht Brussels (0: 3 and 0: 3) and failed to fight the group but later won the championship title. “Yes, we lost to Anderlecht because the team needed more time to get together or to get a new impulse,” recalls that the coach was replaced later – Jaroslav Šilhavý replaced Dušan Uhrin the younger.

And together with Uhrin, he finished in Slavia and Jinoch: “We came to the board of directors, and we were told we were both going to end.That’s what I’ve done for myself, “he says.

However, the cooperation with Slavic would not resist returning to Jihlava. “But I would not bind it to just one club. I would like to cooperate not only with the Slavs but with all the clubs of the first five, “he says. “Jihlava never picks up so many of its own players to cover all their posts. Therefore, we would like the clubs from the first five to take Jihlava as a serious club in which their young players will be in a good training process and will play the highest competition. Then they can return as ready-made footballers, “adds Jinoch.