There is a quarter-finals: Vítkovice will challenge the master, Třinec will check Pardubice

At 17.20, the Tuesday match between Třinec and Pardubice will start. Ten minutes later, Vítkovice and Brno will go to battle.

Pardubice a team of sports manager and assistant coach Pavel Marek, coach Miloš Holana and Josef Hrabal, Mark Trončinský and Rostislav Maroš. They all worked in Třinec.

On the contrary, coach Marek Zadin, assistant Daniel Rákos and Tomas Marcinko, stood on Pardubice side.

“I am looking forward, if we played against another opponent.For us, we have gone through both clubs, but it will have a bigger charge, “said Daniel Rákos, who still lives in Pardubice and his son was born six days ago.

we all know each other. This is what we and ours want, “said Trinec captain Lukáš Krajíček.

His words are confirmed by coach Václav Varaďa:” For me, I want to move on. Yes, there are players who were here, they were my teammates or I trained them. It will be additional motivation for them, but it can also be counterproductive. When I was playing, the series against Vítkovice, where I was before, meant something special to me, but the performance was not ideal. Some games have come out, others are not.Personal motivation factor will not play such a role. ”

Steelmakers agree that they will have to pay attention to Pardubice counts. “They are great, so we have to fake as little as possible. And when we hit the powerlines, it will be good…, “Krajíček said. However, Třinecký’s power plays did not end at the end of the base. “We had a problem with them.It’s one of the things we’ve been focusing on, “said the captain.” The reasons why we did not go, we know, but I do not want to discuss it now, “said coach Varaďa. “We believe that in the play off it will be better.”

The Třinec also have to improve the raids, which out of eight games won three, and twice with Pardubice…”So they’re coming!” He smiled Václav Varaďa. “The fact that we defeated Pardubice two times is an encouragement for us. Players have two three variants of raids and will not be able to change them now. ”

Vítkovice hits the master

“An active champion is against us, so this is a big challenge for us.We had a negative balance with Brno. In the playoffs it does not mean anything, but it will be difficult, “suspects before the series with the Brno Kometa captain Ostrava whole Rostislav Olesz.

After the end of the base portion indulged Vítkovice coaches to players only one day rest.

“The Olympic pause made a breeze in the calendar, the rest of the season is purely a job,” said coach Jakub Petr. “We’d rather have it played out because the break was long, we have to admit it. On the other hand, we had time to cope with scars and problems that troubled us at the end of the base. “At the end of the main part, Radoslav Tybor, David Květoň and Samson Mahbod returned to the game after long failures.The last match with Liberec still lacked Petr Kolouch and Lukáš Kucser. “We are now in the play off, so I will not disclose what assembly and tactics we will go to the Battle against the Kometa, but the goal is clear to all of us,” Vítkovic said.

home matches to score Kometa not one goal. “Now we’ll do everything we can to score,” Peter smiled. “We do not solve the balance from the basic part (1: 3).Last year, Komet was defeated four times in the base, she was the champion and we ended up being the champion. ”

According to Peter, decisions and details will be made. “Perhaps we have made a bad luck against the Kometa in the base and have been fortunate for this important part of the season.”

Vítkovičtí also hopes to support the audience. “I believe that our fans will now show us how they are going to sell our arena and that there will be no invasion of the fans of the opponent,” added Petr.