The two-meter Russian judge amused himself. But it’s happening everywhere, says Boyko

The young Russian scored his first goal of the season and made some promising chances in the rest of the game. “Too bad we could have Sparta put even more goals,” he was looking for mistakes despite the win.

The Pardubice season is ideal for this season, so a surprising win against Sparta is a welcome impulse. Even though the East Bohemians were under the attack of 39 domestic bullets, thanks to the excellent catch-up novice Klouček and the careful defense collected only once.

“We tried to keep in mind all of our weaknesses, the priority was just the defensive,” said the combat plan after the Boyko match.

Still not. Pardubice is still showing a decent shooting performance, but the winning goals are the worst of all teams.On average, they earn four times for the match. “After each match, we are discussing the situation we want to avoid.”

According to Bojka, in addition to cycling in the defense of Pardubice, the unthinking transitions across the central zone also bother. “Because of this, opponents often get into dangerous counterattacks. That’s why we get goals in our own power play. ”

The coaches of coach Miloše Holana against Sparta acted as a compact unit that pulled one rope. That would be the best game of Dynamo this season? “I’m not sure if he was the best. Anyway, in terms of teamwork, we’ve done the most out today.Progress has also been made in the discipline. ”

In ten matches, the opponents have managed to make a total of four interventions with Pardubice in their own weakening, as well as Mlada Boleslav.

“The game of numerical disadvantage leaves us with deep wounds, we must think about it. Sometimes it also depends on the judge’s meter. Perhaps the foul went through the third period, ten seconds later, the same offense was ruled out, “said a 21-year-old forvard. “But this is happening in leagues all over the world.”

No word in English? No Problem

Boyko himself enjoyed the first of this year’s hit, which came only in the tenth session of the season. “It’s always a pleasure to score goals.In addition, it was my first goal so I missed the imaginary boulder. If you do not have it for a long time and do not fall, it is psychologically enjoyable to you. ”

The start winger of the Rusa bumper woke up, his move on Sparta’s goal was unimaginable. Several times a loop around the defender, the teammate searched for lobbies lying down. “I personally made the match great.”

His engagement in Pardubice came after he endeared during the summer exams in the club. For the yearly cooperation with him Dynamo manager Dušan Salfický agreed for good skating and technique, at the same time he fit well into the team. You will not get a voice in English.

“Fortunately, coach Holaň knows great Russian. A couple of players also play KHL, so they can talk and like to help or advise me.We have a nationally diverse team with French or Canadians in the dressing room. But rather, as a team, we are teaming up, which is especially important recently. That’s why there is still a chance to get out of marathon. ”

The last two seasons spent Boyko in the second highest Russian VHL (Higher Ice Hockey League) competition where he entered Kazan. “The contract expired after the season. I would have gotten a new one, but I did not want to stay in the VHL. I needed to move somewhere. The priority was Europe, eventually it crystallized in the Czech extralig and Pardubice. “At first it was not easy for the Boy to get used to the local style of the game. “Hockey here is different. The course is slightly smaller, the game has a faster gradient.In Russia, players are looking for more passes and a sophisticated start, emphasizing skating and shooting. But I get more and more. “