The tennis player calls for reconciliation. I was crying, Nadal said about the events in Catalonia

Currently, Beijing is struggling to further increase its lead in the ATP leaderboard. Nadal, however, is a sports celebrity, making him the 21st century predisposed to be ready to rate out-of-goal matters, points and seconds.

And his country now has a problem. “I was crying,” he said when asked for a Catalan referendum. A wealthy part of Spain desires independence, the Madrid government has called the plebiscite illegal, and clashes with the police have brought many injured, even more rage and further upheaval.

“It is sad to see in such a position the country in which we work together coexist, and we can give the world a good example, “he told reporters in Beijing. “Instead, we are presenting in the negative light.There are people who want to exploit society by manipulation. The result is chaos that should not arise at this time. We are a peaceful country. ”

The native of Manacor on the island of Mallorca is a passionate fan of Real Madrid football, but sporting favor does not mean that he should subordinate more important attitudes. Already at the Laver Cup in Prague, when the referendum was approaching, he was questioned – and he was aware of the importance of his words.He even apologized for not being able to capture all the nuances that he chases in his English.

After the funny pictures of Catalonia, he did not speak.

“I spent a lot of time here, has experienced a lot of important moments, “he says about the territory with its center in Barcelona. “Seeing a society like this makes me surprise and disappointed. It is important to look for hope. Dialogue can be a solution. ”

The tension in Spain is also testified by the fact that some of the supporters of the football team beat the support of Barcelona Piqué and added insults and hate banners.It is precisely because of the stance defender’s attitude towards the referendum. “It was barbarity,” said Josep Vives, spokesman for Barcelona. “Where are we when the player freely expresses and hears insults?”

Nadal watches everything on the other side of the planet – and it’s not easy.

talk and reach an agreement, “the tennis superstar urges. “But it requires goodwill from both sides. And most of all, no matter what happens. It was so sad. “