The Pilsen handball players scattered Strakonice and nurtured the hope of an elite four

They decide the last two rounds of the base, Pilsen loses a single point on the fourth Karvina, two on Dukla – Lovosice.

“Today we are satisfied with the win and the goal difference. But it could have been even better. There were passages where we made four technical mistakes behind us and that’s a mess. Against stronger opponents, we would be disgusted, “said Pilsen coach Michal Tonar older and was looking forward to the next weekend, when Talent is waiting for a hard match at Dukla. “There, we would mistake those mistakes, and we could hardly think of winning. And we want to win there. ”

In the first half, guests drew manko four goals and in the 11th minute Wildt, the Pilsner guest on the side of Jihočech, corrected the 7-6.But the home quickly gained peace, most of the action was drawn by Ivancev, along with Poland, the best shooters of the match with nine goals. Chmelík rose to 18:10 in the last second before the pause, and when Jonas was burning just after the break, it looked like an exhibition.

Instead, the tallest passage of Talent came. Strakonice won the next ten minutes with 7: 2 and again at 42:25 Wildt changed to 21:17! After the foul on Marienk, guests were given a seven-meter throw. However, Štoch’s attempt of Mošovský set off and set off on the decisive offensive, he supported with other interventions Šmíd. For the next twelve minutes after the exact wound Polozka has picked Pilsen to the difference of ten goals 29:19, it was clear.

“We can be happy with points and with performance. And I personally?When he shoots, he mentally always shows up and plays much better. I believe it will help in further matches, “David Poloz said.

” The result looks unambiguous, but after the last results we did not want to underestimate anything. We needed to repel and win a convincing difference, “added Jan Chmelík. He is already looking forward to the Saturday duel in Prague against Dukla, where he came to Pilsen before the season. “I look forward to it all the spring. A lot of friends come in, I’m going to even write something in the cabin.I would love to succeed there and show that they could give me more chances, “Chmelík said.

Those points would also suit Plzeň in the fight for the four.