Qatar plans with stadium: first football, then weddings

The famous architect Zaha Hadid designed an arena that reminds the ship of pearl hunters. It is here that the World Cup football championships 2022 will take place – after which the locals will enjoy their living “yes”.

No, it’s not a joke.

finalizes the list of participants for the football championship in Russia next year, it is good to look for a moment on that cross. Qatar will experience many premieres: for the first time in the Middle East, for the first time in the desert, for the first time in November and December, because it would not have been possible due to the climate.”We have engaged local communities and asked them: What are you missing?” Hassan al-Thawadi, a Qatari official responsible for the “New York Times”, told the New York Times, heritage “of the championship. “And here they told us that there are a number of weddings here, but they have to go down to Doha. So we created a space for wedding receptions in the project. “This is the recipe of one of the richest countries of the planet to fight” white elephants “, the unnecessary building blocks of sports megaacres.

And another proof of what big is going. The World Championship in Russia is not a great attraction, especially not compared to the previous championships in the 2010 JAR and Brazil 2014, however many have had a lot of problems.Qatar wants to be in football like in reality: if you enter your land, you will find yourself in a often fantastic world where profits from natural gas and oil will allow you to turn even the lividest plans into real projects. money is not guaranteed.

Problem number one: It is already clear that Qatar will be the first organizing country to play in the tournament. The team has never succeeded in the current qualification.

“One must dream and believe, but also be well prepared.That’s the most important of all, “says Bora Milutinovic, a football adviser to the Qatar royal family and a technical adviser at the local hypermodern academy of Aspire.

So much for soccer, but other possible friction areas are far from ending. p>

What diplomatic crisis between the Gulf countries? “Sports do not belong to these conflicts. It will connect people, “said al-Thawadi.

Will fans be able to put a beer in a Muslim country? “Alcohol will be allowed in dedicated places. But not in public. ”

What happens if the championship qualifies Israel? “Everyone is welcome. It is a simple answer. ”

There is no need to make the realm of evil and eccentricity out of the tiny, but extremely rich state.The Qatar Championship also offers unique affairs – such as Semanticism. Al Wakrah is a half mile away from the metropolitan area under ideal conditions, yet it is “far away” from the sites. Five arenas are right in Doha. It’s an hour to “the most remote” Al Shamal.

For comparison: in Russia, the organizing cities are spreading in all directions. From Kaliningrad, in the Baltic, through Ekaterinburg to Urals, from Sochi down to the Black Sea to St. Petersburg, the city of the white nights.

In the desert there will be no threat.

and the next evening. This is important for our fans and for our players.You do not have to worry about moving, getting up early to the airport, getting used to the new hotel, “says al-Thawadi.

“Everyone can only concentrate on the most important things. So let’s show the best performance on the pitch. “And when it’s over, it’s time for a cheerleader.