Olomouc, the point is not enough. We miss more space, coach Jílek says

The Sigma can not deny effort and taste, but Karvina has been keeping a good watch for its territory, and for the first time between three sticks, Zahradníček fired at the last minute of the first half.

“There is still the pain in the pre-final and final stage, where we were holding the balloons and looking for a better solution, that hampered us. But we had the quality from 35 minutes and we were definitely better in the second half. I believed that we would do it and we will give it the first goal, which is confirmed, “says Jílek.

The blue lead was made by Jakub Plšek alternating in the 66th minute when Sladký scored on the close pole.However, in two minutes it was balanced, he brought the balloon from the middle of the line before Lukáš Budínský, sixteen, and overtook Reichl with a very sharp shot.

“The first mistake was with Simon Falta when we hit the ball against the leg and we put it back to our opponents. Budínský took advantage of the free space, but formerly Wagner was unambiguous on Radakovich, so he was late in the fight. Michal Reichl may have done more for that, “said an angry Jilek, who also complained about Dreksa’s hand at the Poloma Chance.

Hanania pressed his opponent to the end, but the second goal did not even go through countless seizures . “It was like a lunapark around our goal, the balloons flown from side to side.He helped us a great defense, and Páťa (goalkeeper Le Giang) caught it a lot, “he praised the successful Karvine shooter Budínský.

From the five spring matches Sigma has the same number of points. While in the middle of the season it looked like the fight for second place, it is now fourth, in addition to the jump of Jablonec and the ambitious Sparta in his back.

“We would have liked the situation to be a bit different, so we wanted to make the match for three points and stay on the third place. It was a great deal, no one expected Jablonec to make fifteen points from the first five games.But there are nine rounds and twenty-seven points left until we are there, it is our duty to fight for the best placement, “Jilek does not lose the calm.

While in the autumn they have collected Hanoi points for three, now they fail to win . Running football and the combination are still their own, but they are far from leading to so many chances. “The spring part is always a different contest, the defenses are closed, the teams are more responsible, the play is, the more ‘the cards are dealt. Against autumn, we lack more space for breakeven and transition phases, now the typology of our players is more in combination, they are still looking for and inventing better solutions.The way is, take it a few times and let it go to the gate, “Jílek says.