Mourinho like Ferguson? No. It is a new challenge and praises the Paris project

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The new Ferguson of Mourinho will definitely not. Legendary Sir Alex has stayed on the Old Trafford for over twenty-seven years, hard to imitate. His successor, David Moyes, lasted only a year, headed by Louis Van Gaal two. And José Mourinho, a respected Portuguese expert, signed a three-year contract a year ago.

“I’m still a trainer with ambitions and a desire to try new things. I do not think I would have finished my career here in Manchester, “said the coach, a 47-year-old.

It’s not surprising information. Mourinho was extremely successful everywhere he worked.Titles won with Chelsea and Real Madrid, at Port and Inter, even reaching the Champions League victory.

But after a time of excitement, he left without exaggerated nostalgia. “It is extremely important for me to be happy in my personal life. Only sporting achievements can come, “explained Mourinho in an interview with Téléfoot of French television TF1.

” That is why I left Real Madrid after three years. It was just my decision, nothing else.My daughter then went to study in London and I felt we should be together as a family. ”

So he also took his Chelsea offer for the second time in his career.

Barcelona and Paris project

Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United…The remarkable CV of Mourinha as the head coach might have looked quite different.

“He wanted to train Barcelona in 2008,” said then-President Baroness Joan Laporte. It was then in Catalonia that Frank Rijkaard ended and Pep Guardiola’s extremely successful career began. He had a great team with Messim, Xavim or Puyol.Mourinho, who was assistant to Van Gaal in Barcelona at the end of the last century, wanted to be there as well.

“And once I say why it did not work. Once I tell the truth, “Mourinho said,” Now is not the right time to talk about it. But when I’m very, very old, maybe I’ll say something. ”

So the coaching rivalry between Guardiola and Mourinho was born, which has been going on in Manchester, England last year.

Still, Mourinho, according to his last statement, is attempting to France, where he still did not.Paris Saint Germain? “C’est fantastic,” he praised the Parisian grand club in fluent French.

Just a special project.

“My son, who lives in London, would rather go to football in Paris than to come to see us in Manchester,” he told the story. “Around St. Germain is currently something really special…Spell, youth, predity, quality. It’s a fantasy, “Mourinho added.

Did he inconspicuously signal his next (dream) stunt?