Liberec defeated Olomouc after the raids and ended his winning campaign

Olomouc did not make three victories of home ice, but despite the loss, it moved from ninth to seventh. Liberec is eleventh.

Several guests were threatened in the beginning, but Goalkeeper Will caught their attempts. In the fifth minute they could go to the lead of the White Tigers when Bakoš got a pass in the escape, finishing off with a stick stick between his legs, but Konrád managed to make his attempt. A moment later, the goalkeeper of Olomouc was examined by Jánošík. Klatka’s exclusion also left Lakatoš and Ordoš at Konrád.

The guests were dangerous, but the White Tigers continued to have a better chance. Bakoš was dangerously fired after an individual event, but Conrad was back again. As well as Burier’s exit from behind the goal.On the other hand, he has failed on Will’s Shield.

After Derner’s pass, Ordoš missed, but Liberec rejoiced in the 26th minute. Redenbach found behind the goal behind Havlín’s circles, who headed right into the upper left corner of Konrád’s goal. In his 25th match in the extralace, Liberec was rejoicing from the first goal.

Another option of the White Tigers was Bakoš, on the other hand Will kept his team in the chances of Eberle and Knotka. With Staňkov’s exclusion, guests even even in their own weakness. The volleyball player loosed on the right circle of Laš, who headed exactly to the opposite pole. The home team did not succeed Šmíd, Jaroslav Vlach or Bartovič, but at 38.minute after he had returned to lead after the defeat of Stránský in the Philadelphia.

After 114 seconds of the third third he was re-settled. The Shield took advantage of the curtains in front of Will and scored from behind the right circle. Then Liberec defended his first weakness in the Kolmanna punishment match. In the 52nd minute Conrad had to cover Bartovich’s dangerous attempt, Willa did not shoot Laš three minutes later. In the 58th minute, Stranger, whose Konrad missile was hiding in a trap.

The Krenželok was able to decide on the signaling exclusion, but after penetrating his bluff into the ford, Konrad had put out the right concrete. While staying in the bench, guests stayed out. Only Krenželok and Redenbach have won in the raids.