Korean prospects: hope without warranty. Hockey players did not convince Karjal

More was expected, for example, from Šulák, who ranks among the key beams. “He had a broken finger at the beginning of the season. Perhaps there is some unceasing work. He missed and was nervous, but I would not want to hurt him, “said Jandac.

More has to worry about playing five in five at which the Czechs have fallen. They scored only three times in three games! This is why Jandač must continue to cheat on the Olympic nomination.

Already counts that the second hurdle of the Euro Hockey Tour will be taken by a wider team of hockey players. Comes Martin Erat from Comet, Roman Cervenka could be quite fit. Sparta could be played by Zbyněk Michálek.

The search will end January 15, when it announces the final nomination.