How the Czech monster stopped the monster. I cried here madly, she admitted

If you were registering two ladies with crutches at the bronze celebrations, it was really her colleague. In addition to Hopjak, Kateřina Louthanová, who had broken the ligaments on her ankle on Tuesday, and the olympics finished before it really started. Vinik is the same: the track at Phoenix Snow Park. It’s hard, even worse.

“This is a crazy monster I’ve never seen before. And I will never see it again, “21-year-old Hopjak said. “It was really difficult for me. I was crying madly here.I was afraid I’m not used to such tracks at all. ”

Her first attempt at the snowboard cricket qualifier Saturday fell improbably: after a dreaded jump into a three-meter recess, it did not go up the track at all.

the start for me was complicated, psychologically it was very demanding. I was so glad that my coaches had put me in the qualification. I know a lot of girls did not get up – I got the chance to show that I belong here. I hope I will be better prepared for the next Olympics. Mainly head. ”

She went out for the second time – but she did not. He slipped poorly in front of one of the tilted bends, which ended in an unfortunate fall. And a painful shout.

“It was quite a shock,” she admitted. “That’s why I started to yell, plus it hurt.I felt there was something wrong, but I did not know what. “Fortunately, it immediately looked like a bruised ankle, perhaps nothing serious. But at home they were worried, not that not: “I had about a million unanswered calls and messages. Mother, of course, cried; nor do I know if I fell or was so moved. They had a party with friends with us. They cheer me up, they support me. ”

The entire Olympic track has not even come to an end until the end. And she rather appreciates what Samko’s colleague Samka has done to her.

“Evka is always in peace. And if he’s nervous, he does not allow it, “Hopjak smiled. “She had a clean head in Sochi and she was doing great. This time, it was exactly the opposite: she had a lot of worries outside, the enormous pressure.Bringing a medal under such conditions is really extremely difficult. Hats down in front of her. ”

Which could be done as part of the celebrations: Hats down – and crutch up!