Boleslav is in Europe. Waiting for success continues

And now a few concrete figures: Albania is in these rankings at 39th and 63rd respectively. Behind her, they are mostly just real football dwarves. Mladá Boleslav, however, in the third prelude of the European League, failed to eliminate the Skënderbeu Korcë Albanian team.

After a home win 2: 1 in the return, it succumbed to the same result and then it was worse in the penalty shootout. So repeats the story of previous seasons.Mladá Boleslav has failed again in Europe and has dropped out with a weaker opponent.

10 years waiting for cup success

< p> “It’s a terrible shame, a missed chance, because that’s what we have to do,” defended Jiri Fleišman. “I think Manchaft is so experienced that we should watch this. I’m so sorry, I do not even know what to say, “Boleslav said in June to coach Dušan Uhrin’s younger team and made him a general sports manager with maximum competencies. It was the third coach’s change in the last ten months.The results, however, it is not yet, the entrance to the season for the ambitious club from the city of cars very successful.

Although the team in the second qualifying round of the European League eliminated Shamrock Rovers, an Irish football club, however, is internationally mediocre. There was a surprising home league defeat with Olomouc newcomer and now the Albanian elimination. Dusan Uhrin nevertheless says: “I think it is still improving, but we collide mistakes that we do regularly.” It sounds a bit strange, because if the team improves, it should be the same errors on the contrary avoided.

< p> Boleslav always dominated against Skënderbeu Korce in the first half.In the second, which is also true for the prolongation, the first Albanians were already playing, controlling the game and pushing hard on the offensive half.

“We defended well in the first half. But then we got a penalty kick, they felt the chance and the pressure. We drew a little bit and the second goal of the opponent came from that. We had a chance to reverse it, but unfortunately. Penalties are lotteries. Either or. Unfortunately for us, nothing can be done, “regent Tomáš Přikryl regretted. He and Petr Mareš were on the penalty shootout, on the contrary, Jakub Rada and Golgol Mebrahtu failed.

The truth is, however, that the penalty kicks did not have to happen at all. Boleslav managed to score first and in the cup sum was 3: 1 at that moment.But he gave a penalty to the rival, and only seven minutes before the end he collected the shot. As a similarly unfortunate flow cashed at home, they can be described as Goals actual pitch.

wasted chance stupid Penalty

“Every drop is bad and no matter how. But I take this as a missed chance. We did, we had a good start, but we did it ourselves, “said Dušan Uhrin. “We made a stupid penalty. Nevertheless, we had a chance to decide ourselves. ”

In particular, Petr Mareš is the one who has to burn his foot now. He could not hit a completely open goal, but he only beat the rod.If he were more precise, it would be a 100% progress.

“Overall, it was more of a mistake at the back. We have scored a goal for each match, so there is not much to do with it. Instead, we must not make mistakes that the opponent punishes. “It is good to add that Skënderbeu Korcë will hit Croatian Dinamo Zagreb in the fourth pre-season, which is quite acceptable for this stage of the European League.

Boleslav will try to get better results on Monday’s frustration disappointed and unsuccessful.Sparta will come to league with a bunch of expensive foreign reins.

Even the famous Prague club in the third front of the European League failed, in the fight with Serbian CZ Belgrade left much worse than Mladá Boleslav.

“We have to knock and change in a new, stronger team. Our only goal is now to win the league. That’s the only way to apologize to fans, “sparks Italian Sparta coach Andrea Stramaccioni. Will he catch on Monday or Boleslav on Monday?